Planning Applications, PD and the like (General Chat)

Discussion in 'Buildings & Infrastructure' started by GeorgieB82, Jan 2, 2017.

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  4. My dreams have been fulfilled! I have a pinned thread!
  5. ffukedfarmer

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    West Kent
    When going for PD for a new general purpose building do they take into account farm size and current buildings?

    I only have a small farm, but make a lot of hay and straw and can see me needing another building within the next few years.
  6. Yes, in terms of PD size does matter, but so does what you do with it (I've heard that before!). It is not done on a calculation basis, so they don't say you have x amount of land so you can have x sq m of building. It is more down to your need for the space; you will have to justify the need for the extra capacity for the purposes of agriculture. It must be sited on a block of land no less that 1ha and be part of a holding no smaller than 5ha.
  7. I must clarify something I wrote in this post. Originally I put the area must be at least 0.4ha. I apologise, I was looking at a Scottish application at the time. The correct figure for England and Wales is the building must be sited on a block no smaller than 1ha and be part of a holding no smaller than 5ha for it to be suitable for PD. I will amend the post above but if people have already read it I apologise.
  8. S J H

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    If I've put in for a full planning application within the last 2 years @GeorgieB82 am I right in thinking that i cannot apply for a 28 day planning? I have to go full again irrelevant to the size of the building?
  9. I don't believe that is the case, I have not come across that particular scenario. Unless there is something written into your full planning decision notice I can not see why you could not apply under PD (or full planning for that matter) within the two years. If the original application was PD then it would be a different matter.
  10. Ali_Maxxum

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    Hi Georgie, am desperately after some advice/point in the right direction about a pole shed I'd like to put up at my house but unsure whether to apply for planning or go ahead and get on with it?

    Probably best to PM you as there's quite a bit of detail?

  11. Feel free to drop me a message, its always best to investigate the planning required before doing anything.
  12. Forever Fendt

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    it only needs to be over 400m from a protected property (private residential) if its for housing livestock and applied under a 28 day notice, if its for storage there is no set distance but needs to be over 25m from a classified road measured from the edge of the road way )
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    Thinks it's "WHAT EVER" the local Authority want to do/require/say at the end if the day !!!
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    Driving that bad in your area?! ;)
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    We have temporary planning for our caravan to get this pig farm going. At what point should we look at applying for extensions, ahead of the 3 year time limit (sept 2018) or only when they come to us?
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    only if you let them get away with it
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  17. I would suggest putting in an application for an extension or permanent caravan prior at least 6 months prior to the expiry to give yourself plenty of time.
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  18. Greenbeast

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    Thanks. My other half thinks we'll be looking at permanent, she's the optimist between us
  19. WoodyWoodyWoody

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    Is planning require to convert a pole barn so we can have a wash room, small kitchen and somewhere to stay the night on our small holding? We would need to move the plumbing and electrics about 40ft from an adjacent building which currently has a sink and boiler but we would prefer to do this instead of a caravan as the barn is not in use and space is limited. We plan on using a composting or chemical toilet. I imagine someone will have to be notified but I've heard that we can just do it because we need the facilities. Is there anywhere that I can source some guidance notes at all?
    From Wiltshire btw
  20. Hi Woody,
    Yes you would need to have some form of planng if you are intending on the barn being residential accomodation. Depending on the history of the barn and the status of the holding, it may be possible to gain permission under Permitted Development but other than that you would require full planning. How long are you looking at this arrangement lasting?

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