Ploughing Match Results

Been told today that Brailsford did not award champion ploughman on Wednesday so dose that make dealer champion for another year :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: we will never hear the last of this :scratchhead::scratchhead:


Arable Farmer
MrNoo national fergieson champion Ploughman congratulations 🤣🤣🤣
Many thanks, very lucky plot allocation, not easy soil but we sussed it out on the Friday practice day, speed really helped and if you even showed the skims it just stopped flowing up the boards. Knew the Hereford boys would be in trouble as they plough slow!!!! Rape stubble was a challenge, it had been left in swath then baled leaving rows of seed pods 3" deep. We shot into a local Agg dealer and bought his entire stock of grass rakes, as a few friends from down south hadnt brought any with them.
A really nice time away and met some really nice people, at the match and also at our digs, very friendly indeed.

Lemken moves into slurry incorporation market

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Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland

Slurry application has moved forward tremendously over the past few years with the emphasis very much switching to using it as a resource rather than disposing of it as a waste product.

Even dyed in wool, tillage specialists such as Lemken are joining the movement with the company now offering what amounts to a conversion of their compact disc units to a slurry incorporation tool.

Lemken opt for Vogelsang heads​

This new product comprises a VogelSang slurry distribution head mounted on the frame of a set of Heliodor compact disc harrows.

Lemken claims that the Heliodor offers a sound basis for this type of application due to its...