Pneumonia Disaster

Discussion in 'Livestock & Forage' started by bruce9001, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. bruce9001

    bruce9001 Member

    Bet weather picks up and they will be fine
  2. Weasel

    Weasel Member

    in the hills

    Hopefully, was bloody warm inside when I fed them earlier.
  3. bruce9001

    bruce9001 Member

    Just out of interest if going through all to blanket treat with alamycin, what temp do people use as a cut off and jag with a stronger drug???
  4. Grim Reaper

    Grim Reaper Member

    Really feel for you bruce9001, after reading this I've just been out to check mine.
    Good luck.
  5. dave160cvx

    dave160cvx Member

    About 160. Where every possible we rather dose copper and vaccinate 3wk or so before coming in but with late harvest and tip sales etc we haven't had a chance. Makes big difference calves cough up worms before weaning. Didn't get a chance this year.
  6. bruce9001

    bruce9001 Member

    Do you use a pour on them before coming in when giving copper???

    We have always just given them pour on for lungworm etc once we have brought them inside!
  7. Hampton

    Hampton Member

    I've had similar problems with some bulls that have been outside this summer. Look fine one day, minor snotty nose/slight increase of breath on day 2, jabbed with draxxin on day 2, dead on day 3. Steadily lost 8 this summer despite no real signs.
    Wish I'd done risproval 4 sooner. Will not make the same mistake twice!
  8. dave160cvx

    dave160cvx Member

    Yes a copper bolus each. Up north here we're a low copper area. Yep usually noromectin pour on then inject for fluke after new year. If it works for you you don't need to change.
  9. @bruce9001 what pour on did you use? Any different to last year?
    Could they have had a heavy worm burden to set the whole thing off?
  10. Lovegoodstock

    Lovegoodstock Member

    I appreciate folk rather spring calving so closer to turn out, but wonder if things would be better across the board if calved in jan? May even use less straw despite probably using more jan/feb/mach, may not be so heavy on weaning in November which is about the only month to be consistent year on year, lack of air, misty damp and big variation in temps from night to day. Im more flexible than most so realise not everyone can do the same, but weaned some few weeks back and pulled some a bit smaller so a lot can be left to January. Out of interest @bruce9001 , were they eating well prior to weaning?
  11. goodevans

    goodevans Member

    thats what I posted on another thread I am sure the ones that start a pneumonia outbreak with us are the sucklers bought in which are not used to creep and it is that extra stress level that kicks it in I will try to remember in future the slow eaters and avoid at market
  12. Samcowman

    Samcowman Member

    Weather is awful for it at the moment frosty one day warm and damp the next. Got a load of weaned dairy calves in the shed at the moment all rispoval 4. Still coughing going on out there just seem to be keeping on top of it at the moment.
    You've just gotta keep working away at it and forget the drugs bill sometimes.
  13. bovine

    bovine Member

    We've moved away from batch treatment with increased scrutiny over the use of antibiotics. Good research showing that going through and treating those with high temperature uses LESS antibiotic and is just as effective as batch treatment. If animals relapse (and a short acting product was used) you can re treat with the same product.

    5-10 years ago that is exactly what I would have done, but we learn and we move on. It's not necessary.
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  14. bruce9001

    bruce9001 Member

    All had been on creep feed for 6 weeks + and feeders were in shed.
    When weaned moved from silage and straw (mothers ration) to silage straw barley and beans which they started eating right away.

    Same pour on was used as in previous years with no problems
  15. bruce9001

    bruce9001 Member

    There is alot of coughing going on but hard to tell if work burden they shedding out or due to pneumonia
  16. onthehoof

    onthehoof Member

    I hear what you say but do you think the shed may be the problem, have you got any others in a different shed. Our calf shed only had sheets on North side completely open on other 3 appreciate that wouldn’t work for everyone though
  17. waterbuffalofarmer

    I'm really sorry to hear about this, farming is never easy at all. :( We had stopped stockbull have pneumonia twice, which was really horrible, I can't imagine what it must be like for you at this moment. I hope everything turns out well and they all get better :) you're doing a fantastic job!(y)
    All the best
  18. ADbeefboy

    ADbeefboy Member

    Had a run of trouble with bought in stores lately, fluked, wormed and IBR vaccine on arrival, 4-5 weeks jagged a few with hexasol. All outdoors. Sent one to vet lab, came back lungworms, fluke and pneumonia strain resistant to hexasol. Everything outdoors been done with dectomax and trodax last week. Also vaccinate everything indoors with rispoval pasturella.
  19. Friesianfan

    Friesianfan Member

    Sorry to hear of your losses. As I know. sh!t happens.
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  20. jemski

    jemski Member

    How are your calves?

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