Potato Prices.


Mixed Farmer
Bagged Challenger and Marfona around the 140-150 mark west mids.

Plenty of rumours flying round about short supply etc. one person claimed that seed tatties have already sold out for next year?
Every £ counts,fert up,chemical up,fuel up,labour up,will be interesting where the contract prices are going forward,really think you should give spuds a go,I am sure you will make a fortune!

PS I might know of all the machinery you need coming up for sale shortly😉
The costs involve put me off am i right in saying a tattie box is 120? What about these guys on contracts will they be cop contracts with a margin built in?


Mixed Farmer
When you want to start up growing msg me too as we have just grown our last potatoes! We were all seed and the contracts cover cost of production. There is no factor built in for a bad virus/blackleg downgraded year so how can you run a business on the hope your input seed is ok and the merchant is capable of selling tonnage above contract! Too high risk and not enough reward for us, best not to mention machinery prices!

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