Potato weed control – Changing of the guard


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Download PDF The loss of diquat is causing an adjustment in strategy at the beginning of the season as well as at the end. CPM investigates the impact on potato herbicide strategies this season. It’s a complete change in strategy to the one growers are used to. By Lucy de la Pasture and Rob Jones There’s been a changing of the guard among potato herbicides with the loss of some well-known active substances, leading growers to develop new programmes and strategies. Good control is still achievable, but achieving it will require a little more thought, according to John Keer, agronomist for Richard Austin Agriculture. Much has been made of the loss of diquat, but growers are likely to miss it more for its properties as a desiccant than for its performance as a herbicide, he believes. “For most growers it was the preferred desiccant but now it’s gone, growers will have to choose between pyraflufen-ethyl and carfentrazone-ethyl. At the pre-emergence timing, the weed spectrum to be controlled should be a consideration, but where possible I’ll be keeping Gozai (pyraflufen-ethyl) in reserve as a desiccant,” he says. Scottish Agronomy’s Eric Anderson agrees, noting that label restrictions for pyraflufen-ethyl will likely be…
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