Potatoes after frost


Mere ground frost here in Thames valley, but white enough. Tops of spuds burnt even under fleece, seen worse, but not very often! They usually come back well enough. Last time a frost this sharp, >15 years ago the yield took a bad knock, but not so severely burnt this time.


I was moaning that mine hadn't come through yet. But now I'm glad they hadn't.
Lack of rainfall is going to my biggest concern for the next month if the forecast is to be believed.
Will they come again. I had frost on a crop about 12 years ago, it dug 5 boxes to acre. And headlands which were in 2 weeks later were totally unaffected and a good crop. So mine came around but only a third of a crop

Carbon Week - 1 to 5 March.

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Carbon Week

Carbon Week is a series of AHDB events, taking place from 1 to 5 March.
The webinars and panel discussions will feature a range of speakers and are for farmers and growers interested in understanding more about the carbon cycle, carbon auditing, reducing emissions and the opportunities around this.
More information about each session can be found from these links: