Pre ploughing and pre emergence spraying


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24 hours before the plough. As others have said I f you do a good job with the plough then there’s no advantage spraying before. Its how we farmed before sprays.
The only time it’s really worth spraying off before the plough is if the ploughing isn’t any good.
Quick question for advice .
Agronomist want to spray off stubbles before ploughing ,where there is very little weeds , and then spray again with pre -em after drilling .
I'm not sure whether this is right or not as I can't see the point in spraying twice with the expense of sprays . Also I want to get on ploughing as the drill wants to come on Monday ....any advice please if want to

If it’s grass weeds then absolutely yes. Also what soil type? Will it plough over properly and break up fully burying everything? Or will it slab over like a clay?


I’m surprised that nobody has asked if it was a ‘serviced’ agronomist yet.

Anybody care to take a wild guess?🤐
I did think that, touchdown quattro or the like which is double normal glypho but has super duper wetters and spreaders ready mixed with it. I bet the OPs agro hasn't been affected by the shortages and has plenty of his "special" glypho for his "important" costumers🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


Save your cash, and ask your agronomist for the reasons for the recommendation, particularly as you use the plough. Maybe there is a genuine reason?

Say to him/her, "surely the plough will kill it". On face of it, sound like agronomist is selling you something you don't need. Obvs I haven't got all the facts, but of that's the case, and a good reason for spraying can't be given, then I'd think about if you wish to keep that agronomist.

Maybe there are genuine good. reasons though. I'd question it though.
Maybe the Agronomist’s company has committed to a large quantity of expensive panic-bought glyphosate…

Phil P

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North West
I'm pressing on with the plough ...
This before ploughView attachment 990069
This after
View attachment 990071
Don't look too bad to me.
I wouldn’t have sprayed that either, I’ll generally just do 6/12m around the outside and maybe 24m where there’s going to be a back furrow. Find it stops the ryegrass creeping into the field from the margins.
Only spray the who field if there’s any grass issues or it’s not getting ploughed, we get ryegrass and that isn’t resistant.
When we where on serviced agronomy everything got sprayed 🤦🏻‍♂️, price of chem (and everything else) at the moment means inputs are been used sparingly!!!


Save your wonga.if glyphosate was still cheap then maybe put a splash on but as others have said it should have been done a week or 2 before you wanted to plough to warrant the expense of the chem


Save your wonga.if glyphosate was still cheap then maybe put a splash on but as others have said it should have been done a week or 2 before you wanted to plough to warrant the expense of the chem
But what is the purpose of the splash? I'm only a poor mixed farmer, we only ever use it for couch. Specifically. But we aren't plagued with arabie area grass weed exotica. Seed bank reduction is not a reason imv. Thistles and docks? Need a very high dose of glypho and at least a fortnight, but are better dealt with using the following cereal herbicide anyway. So again, why splash?

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