Project Xerion.


Mixed Farmer
You can't deliver the loadall with the zetro to the big A as that is pure haulage and will need tax and fueled as such. Unless you spread one load with the zetro on arrival👍
He could just spread a little bit on the headlands & gateway with the Zetro then it's been used as an integral part of the agricultural operation 😉 😉
But but but, if he were to drive the black Zetor into the pile of lime, then drive off at speed the lime would be coming off the tyres.... which would technically be spreading....;):)


Arable Farmer
Is it possible that as I so often do is over think the problem? As in spending so much extra money trying to be a one man band?

When the solution probably was road the big a and stick a load all on a tractor and low loader and have a man follow you around.
Bit like muck spreading. Two spreaders, something like a JCB TM320s loading. No buggeration, constantly productive, no transporting loaders to faff on with. Great on bigger jobs, bit expensive for smaller ones for Pete to make any brass.

I remember 30yrs ago, a contractor coming here to spread lime for dad.
Ford 8210 on I think an Atkinson spreader, towing a 7610 with a loader on an A frame behind. Loader up over the back of the spreader, he used to leave the 76 on a high tickover so it's power steering helped it follow the spreader.
Very simple, and effective. Fine at an 8210's pedestrian 17mph, not suitable for the 'fiddykay' boys.
Big diameter wheels, plenty power, suspension and forward control is surely the way to go, with the spreader body mounted as low as possible. Shame the likes of Multistrife and Lite-Trac are so unreliable.


Livestock Farmer

Right then, time to make a start.

Had the chassis cab delivered on Monday and have been faffing about with paperwork for first registration and MoT exemption. Got all that away and had a bit of a go up the lane with it. Bit of a niggle, it won’t change into low range on the transfer case. Electrical gremlin I’m thinking. Bit of a fly in the ointment but trying not to worry.

Quite determined today to get the Bredal body dangled over the chassis for some idea what it will look like. I fetched that back on Tuesday from being shot blast and powder coated in JCB yellow, pleased with it.

So we get the fifth wheel ball hitch thing off it, plus a thick aluminium tread plate and a group of plugs and air lines on a frame. Just tied these to one side for now.

Had a feeling the exhaust might be in the way...,

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Just to link them for everybody to follow on

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