Project Xerion.

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  1. (y)(y)

    Hopefully getting near the end.

    Should get the hydraulic system plumbed in this week and the GPS and rate controller next week.

    Might be able to have a go then!

    Waiting for a chap to come and adapt the drawbar of both tractor and trailer too. I really ought to be making a start on soil sampling and seeing a few customers.
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  2. br jones

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    At least the weather is looking just swell for lime spreading :)
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  3. Gadget

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    Sutton Coldfield
  4. :D:D @Gadget

    I've not forgotten. I had the fresh legs all lined up this week but rain stopped play!
  5. Spent the afternoon faffing about with hydraulic pipes measuring pressures and flows with local engineer Thomas Burton.

    We’ve got a plan and ordered the bits to fit later this week.

    Now I’m barsteward fudgeing freezing
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  6. Shovelhands

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    Sunny Essex
    Plenty of flow then Pete?
  7. Seems to be. I was in the seat but kept getting the thumbs up.

    It all baffles me a bit but Thomas reels off figures and co-efficients and correlations like it’s his first language, hence I just leave it to him.

    He’s ordering unions and coming to make up the pipes on Friday.
  8. Loaded up and down the road.

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  9. Henarar

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    ZumerZet Somerset
    shame I liked the look of the old girl
    what size/weight spreader do you think it would carry and be ok with ?
  10. Andrew

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    Huntingdon, UK
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  11. Steevo

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    Big sight of relief?

    Did Kellands fit the new parts?

  12. 6-7 tonnes on anything but the easiest going. Flat fields and smooth going she would be ok with 8-9t but for them to say it can carry 10t is not good form in my mind. In the last three years I’ve hardly ever put more than 8t in it.

    The unit has gone to an engineer in Gloucester who is fitting the new axle subframe on behalf of Kellands/Multistrife/McConnel/Alamo or whoever they are this week.

    Not a sigh of relief exactly because I really liked the machine in many respects. It never really cost me any money in repairs because Multistrife kept doing it under warranty, which I cannot fault them for, but it was inconvenient and unreliable. It’s not nice with a huge list of work when you turn the key and have little faith you’re going to actually get through the whole day.

    But she did earn me a living for four years so can’t grumble too much.
  13. This mornings little job.

    We had to cut away a piece of Xerion mudguard to accommodate the control box on the spreader. (Put a nice big scratch in it too:rolleyes:).


    So I made a little thing out of Solway recycled plastic board. It’s easy to work with and tough. I have made several bits and bobs out of it over the years. Currently half way through making a shovel bracket from it.


    A few tek screws and a bit of sealant. Job done.


    It might seem a bit fussy but the tyres could throw muck and water all over the back of the control box which has several wires poking out.
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  14. 7740 man

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    Nobody said the contracting path was going to be smooth, well that’s my experience!
    Onwards & upwards @Cab-over Pete (y)
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  15. Henarar

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    ZumerZet Somerset
    that's what I thought it would be good with a six tonner on it
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  16. Shovel holster made from the stockboard too.

    I’m not so pleased with this, looks a little cumbersome but it’s easy to use and will last without rusting. Hook for the shovel handle up on the vertical handrail. That’s made from aluminium pipe, cut and formed and sprayed Claas grey.

    Currently part way through moving the air pre-cleaner.

  17. Steevo

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    That looks tidy to me!
  18. Tomr10

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  19. Alistair Nelson

    E Yorks
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  20. Tomr10

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    FB_IMG_1560366369248.jpg Here it is
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