Pros and cons of hydraulic tail gates on grain trailers?


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Hydraulic tail gate🙈. But nothing to do with me


Thanks everyone, I asked on behalf of my wife who is a farm administrator and they have been discussing having hydraulic tail gates fitted,but I won’t prattle on anymore :rolleyes: ;)
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Had something similar one day I'd loaded it the night before fir an early start to take the balance of malting barley to the local store as I'm pulling out the shed I think what's that hissing sound it wasn't a puncture the door had popped an inch ........ trail of barley 30yrds out the door and across the yard . Nowt to do with the trailer it's the electric spools on that tractor twice in 8000 hrs it's released pressure for no reason whatsoever note to self do not use that spool for the door !!!!!!!


They have caused some injuries,possibly fatalities as people are caught in them, but you can say that about most machinery.
I'd say that awful consequence is outweighed by the safety of not getting out of your cab to walk behind a trailer twenty times a day/getting shoved by the door/old boy on the farm wondering around to help out unlocking/having to take out the wheat from your shoes each time.


Neighbour of ours was killed with the back door.he was cleaning out bit of grain at the back of the trailer.lad on the tractor shut the door.didn't know he was there.

I will never walk underneath a hydraulic door no matter what. If it failed it could be fatal, let alone someone closing the door. That said, I'd always take the key out of the tractor too.

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It might out better value to swap the trailers rather than modify them......unless it can be retrofitted using manufacturer parts.
Not as much fun though. I’ve done 3!

Home made.


This one was a copy of aCherry Products trailer. They supplied the bits


Home made.

I’d describe them all like switching from a fore end loader to a telescopic handler - you wonder how the hell you managed without them!

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