Public Liability Insurance - recommendations


I've been asked by a couple of people would I shear their small flocks of sheep as a favour.

What insurance does everyone have. Does Public Liability cover it or would I need Product Liability as well?

I'm thinking specifically if I were to nick a sheep badly and these friends suddenly decided I was liable or should they ask me gather in the sheep using a dog and one runs into a fence.

Prior to now I've only ever sheared my own or been on a course/assisting another shearing contractor so haven't needed it.

No doubt the insurance will cost me more money than I'll ever make however might prevent me getting in the sticky stuff.

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#YourHarvest campaign to show value of crops sector

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Written by Charlotte Cunningham

The NFU is kick starting its #YourHarvest campaign today and this year arable farmers are being asked to reach out to the public and MPs through social media to highlight the importance of a thriving crops sector in Britain. Charlotte Cunningham reports. According to the NFU, growers can get involved by taking a short video to explain what they do and where their produce goes, showing the public how the cereals sector delivers for both food production and the environment. Farmers can also ask their MP to back British arable farming through the development of the Trade and Agriculture Commission, the Agriculture Bill and a fit for purpose Environmental Land...