Pulley to fit on male 6 spline pto shaft

Discussion in 'Machinery' started by Rimjob, May 3, 2017.

  1. Rimjob

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    near home
    As the title suggests I'm after a v belt pulley that will ideally fit direct onto a 6 spline male pto shaft.
    I've a drain jetter that I rarely use below 1000rpm. Meaning unimog revving its cock off supping diesel when there's no need. I have an input shaft with pillow block bearings and a large pulley available just need a v pulley approx 5" diameter that will slot straight onto jetter pto input shaft so mog makes 1000rpm at tickover....
    Is such a thing available off the shelf or is it a manufacturing job?
    Cheers rob
  2. Drillman

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    You can get pulleys that fix onto p harrow output shafts on the back of the gearbox to run the fans on accord drills. That might do the job.

    Maybe a bit big though:scratchhead:
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  3. Dog&stick

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    The drive on a accord drill, is take off the power Harrow output pto, 6 spline ,pulley maybe 10" dia twin v!
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  4. Dog&stick

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    You beat me to it lol
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  5. The Stig

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    You can get taper lock to fit six spline shaft
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  6. joe soapy

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    That is the best solution, a good solid fix saves wear on shaft and pulley after extended use
  7. I found a gearbox on Ebay. It is geared 1 to 4.

    Was off an old direct cut forager I believe.

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