Pushing performance – Hold on a bit longer

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Download PDF Keeping herbicides where they need to be is crucial for weed control, crop safety and for minimising potential losses to the environment. CPM digs into new research which shows not all adjuvants have the same effects on herbicide movement in the soil. The greatest slowdown in the movement of both clomazone and pendimethalin was observed when applied with Backrow. By Lucy de la Pasture Unpredictable weather patterns have made herbicide applications more like Russian roulette over the past two autumns. For those drilling later to combat blackgrass the game has become even more deadly, with the odds stacking up in the weather’s favour as herbicide spraying opportunities diminish. Even if the game of chance has been survived and the pre-emergence is on and ready to do its job by sensitising or taking out weeds as they attempt to push through the herbicide layer, the weather can still upset the applecart. Keeping residual herbicides in the top 5cm of the soil is more than just nice to have, it’s a must for safe and effective weed control at the pre- and peri-em spray timings, says Stuart Sutherland, technical manager at Interagro. “The surface layer of the soil (0-5cm) is…
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