Pushing The Limits Of The Barley

Discussion in 'Cropping' started by static, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. static

    static Member

    Similar to the pushing the limits of the OSR thread, I'm after some thoughts of:

    a) getting the barley to make a massive heap of grain and
    b) staying stood up to be combined.

    Had agronomist round today who is sure we can get it to yield like wheat. Previously, have had very variable yields from the great 4t/ac (2012, Kassia) to more like 2t/ac (2010, Carat). 3t/ac seems the local average, but I think we can get plenty more than that if only we can keep it stood.

    The Syngenta Cashback Yield Guarentee protocol looks like a pretty good starting point:

    a) First N at GS25, or 60% total N by GS31
    b) Good slosh of Moddus
    c) Apply a SDHI fungicide
    d) Get plenty of tillers.

    NMAX for a 10t/ha crop as a 2nd cereal is something like 240kg/ha. Surely one dollop of Moddus wont keep that stood if we are trying to make it tiller? It has been sugested to use a 40/40/20 split for fert, and not to use urea on our generally slow and cold clays.

    Reading around, the view seems to be that you can't polish a shyte, and that thin and yellow winter barley is not going to perform. So get it thick and keep it stood. But also that Proline is the fungicide of choice, and its all about the tillers. So is a tenner more on nitrogen now going to pay better than a tenner on fungicide on a thin crop later?

    Answers on a postcard please.....but it is already starting to grow!
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  2. Shutesy

    Shutesy Moderator

    What variety have you got in the ground? Was reading about the Syngenta Cashback thing earlier. Got Volume in the ground here, hoping to push it for 10t/ha! Was going to discuss it more with my agronomist later this week.
  3. average farmer

    North Notts
    plenty of seed
    Plenty of fert (early)
    Don't worry too much about it going down.
  4. Renaultman

    Renaultman Member

    Agree about the seed. If it's really thick it has nowhere to fall, not a fan of w Barley but recent improved yields and the early in for OSR makes it look more appealing
  5. silverfox

    silverfox Member

    my first concern would be the fact your growing it on cold clay. Barley is a light land crop IMO, as i've never managed to do much with it on our heavier ground.
  6. Mr Charisma

    Mr Charisma Member

    stratford on Avon
    Did everything you said last year static tho not quite as much N

    My 10 t/ ha crop of volume which looked fantastic up until the moment it hit the combine tank yielded. 5.5 t/ ha

    My crop of planet spring barley which I just treated as a average crop yielded around 11 t/ ha
  7. David.

    David. Member

    J11 M40
    Last year was just unfortunate; our barley looked the best we have ever had, following the early N/ keep it stood blueprint. Hailstorms on two successive days in June, and a sunless grain fill period made sure it ended up low sp.weight and well laid over.
    Yield was still within a sniff of 3ton/ac, and I believe that circumstances beyond our control spoiled a potentially record crop.
    Lessons learned here are that barley never forgives a poor seedbed, thin establishment, or recovers from being starved of N through March.
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  8. Don't forget your pH

    Sorry. Surely you were expecting that? ;)
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  9. Surgery

    Surgery Member

    Every years different , you can push all you like but unless Mother Nature plays ball etc.

    We drilled straight onto ploughing last year mid November and everyone thought us mad , 3.9 ton an acre , 67 bushel cassia.

    Planted earlier previous years and yielded a lot less.

    Syngeta cash back ? I think you wait until March before looking at a chems firm trying to sell product and then make your own mind up.
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  10. Fromebridge

    Fromebridge Member

    Don't get carried away
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  11. This is what I think. Sometimes you just don't get the sun you need at the right time.
  12. static

    static Member

    pH fine. Couple if years worth of P&K applied pre-drilling. Got some Glacier and Tower, drilled 1st week October at 400 seeds. Twice over with the solo, and power harrowed in front of the drill.

    As a conventional, it's not eligable for the Syngenta cashback thing, but thought that looked a good starter as how to grow it / push it. However it looks like their SDHI fungicide choices are not available with prothioconazole in, which looks to me the better azole? I was also thinking of delaying the T2 fungicide to get some on the awns where product will allow, but dont want to compromise PGR application.

    What about trace elements, as I dont want a lot of blind sites in the ears? Or is that mostly from late frosts?

    Previously, we have also tested the samples for nitrogen / protein which would suggest our nitrogen was going on too late.

    Agree it doesnt want to see a very cold / wet winter, but so far we have avoided that and it has begun to get going again. Several heavy land growers are now back into barley where they have got no control of BG in their wheat from Atlantis - they seem to be going for the hybrids, but I have stuck down the "wap plenty of seed in" conventional route.

    How early, and what proportion? I have 22N 10SO3 liquid for the first dose. Was thinking I want to be going early Feb, then early March, then early April? Not like there is much value in the straw around here, but we will be using it ourselves.
  13. static

    static Member

    Or equivalent. Due to not getting any Partnership Points this year, I dont think there will be much badged Syngenta stuff here anyway now.
  14. Hampton

    Hampton Member

    Don't grow it as a third cereal.
    Do people expect to get 10t/ha from a 3rd wheat? Why expect it from barley?
    Grow it as a first cereal and you will see what it can do!
  15. robbie

    robbie Member

    the brecks norfolk
    Early N early N early N and lots of it.

    In my opinion that's the crucial part of good winter barley. Get it as thick as possible and don't starve it at any point if it goes yellow in spring once it's started growing then the damage is done. I'll be looking to give mine 50 units of N as soon as possible in Feb as long as it's growing and we're not snowed under.

    @static I find loads of mn and a couple of doses of 0.5 lt cu help a lot.
  16. static

    static Member

    Ta. Its the copper I was thinking about mostly. What type of copper do you use? I suspect you would see more deficiencies on your lighter land than I usually do here, but I would be adding 5kg of a 25% K2O, 15%Mn product with each spray. Was also thinking of adding Boron.......beacuse I have gallons of it clogging up my shed! But also linked to ear fertility in wet / cold times.
  17. J 1177

    J 1177 Member

    Durham, UK
    What sort of units of n are you lads putting on your barley?
  18. static

    static Member

    180-ish in units.
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  19. J 1177

    J 1177 Member

    Durham, UK
    Crickey iv only ever put 135 on. But if it needs to be pushed it needs increasing. Our tower did 3t just..... i would like it up to nearer 4
  20. static

    static Member

    135 divided by three.
    Multiplied by four.
    Comes to 180.
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