Putting a line through text

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by czechmate, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. some posters manage to do the above. I can see how to do this.
    But not through.

    And now I can’t stop it doing this :(

    Can someone tell me how to draw a line through please?
  2. Click on the box with a + sign , and select strike through.
  3. Ah, like this

    Merci beaucoup (y)
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  4. Or, like this, I voted remain leave.......:D

  5. Or,
    I did remain leave :D
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  6. That’s the trouble with some on here - they don’t know if they’re coming or going .
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  7. Qman

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    Near Derby
    Could you explain this a bit more please, menounderstandee
  8. Click the box ( 3rd from the right ) , and select " strike through ".
    Screenshot (592).png
  9. Exfarmer

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    Now are you sure you don’t want to correct your vote as well :):):)
  10. Qman

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    It doesn't work on my Mac.
  11. Qman

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    Now I've got it.
  12. Qman

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    How do you stop it?

  13. Click strike through again.....
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  14. Dman2

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    Just check the facial expression
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  15. Martin Holden

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  16. It wasn't only me then ?


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