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Q&A recap from YEN Awards Event - light capture

Discussion in 'Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) from ADAS' started by Leslie, May 15, 2018.

  1. Leslie

    Leslie New Member

    Q: What management practice allowed one entrant to capture 68% light capture whereas most other entrants never got that close

    A: The Oilseed YEN entrant which achieved 68% light interception did so by producing a high biomass (18.8 t/ha). However, this entrant had a low harvest index of 26% indicating that the crop put on too much growth before flowering. This resulted in an over-large canopy at flowering and setting a modest number of seeds. Therefore, improved use of PGRs in this crop would have constrained early growth allowing the crop to put its energy into yield forming components.

    How did your crop perform with regard to light capture? Have you learned anything you would like to share regarding light capture?
  2. Yorkshireman123

    Yorkshireman123 New Member

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