Q&A recap from YEN Awards event


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Participants at the YEN awards event back in November asked some great questions which were raised via the Sli-do system. We didn't have time to get through them on the day so promised to share them and to provide responses. The ADAS team have given these questions some thought and will be posting Q&A's here.

We would love to hear from you on the topics raised so please join in the discussion here.

Q: What are your thoughts with regard to the optimum number of established WOSR plants/m2 to maximise yield?

A: The ADAS crop physiology team published a paper studying the yield response of oilseed rape to plant population density. This compiled eight WOSR and two SOSR field experiments using five seed rates between 10 and 200 seeds/m2 with each experiment including two to three varieties. For WOSR optimum plant populations ranged from 10 to 76 plants/m2 with the overall average optimum plant density across 13 variety responses being 29 plants/m2 which was achieved from sowing 30 seeds/m2, due to volunteer OSR plants. (Roques and Berry. 2015. The yield response of oilseed rape to plant population density. Journal of agricultural science: 154, 305-320.)

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