Quad Bikes and added on gear


Let's see some interesting of everyone's bikes and what add ons do folk have for there bikes!
Boxes that are useful or added metalwork to stop damage from cows etc


Livestock Farmer
The box of many things. All the kit needed for outdoor lambing ,foot clippers, assorted bits of string, staples fencing pliers hammer.
Radio for spraying


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Livestock Farmer
I get my bikes with Heated grips, windscreen, road kit all supplied with the bike, then I add a carpet on the back, with a wooden box for the dogs, stick holder, mudguard extensions (crystalyx lids) and a tool box on the front.


I have aways wondered about the mud flaps for the back, are they really that beneficial?
I don't tend to tow a trailer that often, tho admittedly when I do for fencing the stuff gets covered!

We have 2 new bikes coming (Honda520) and our biggest issue with old bikes were being damaged at the front via cattle they were the 420 with no bars at the front


Mixed Farmer
Specc’ed on bike:
Front metal bumper to protect lights & panels from nudging gates, etc. Heated grips (& thumb warmer) and handlebar cowling.
Added after by myself:
Cobo socket fitted on side of front panel for decent 12v outlet for sprayer/weedwiper/slug pelleter.

Front RAPPA frame permanently bolted onto the front rack. Old Enduramaxx box on the front, with holes in the base so it clips onto the RAPPA frame, and a couple of SWA cable cleats (c.12p each) to hold the Supercrook.

RAPPA winder frame permanently bolted on the back frame, with a section of cubicle mat sat over it (held in place by holes drilled to fit over the lugs on the RAPPA frame) for the dogs. Home made bracket bolted onto the rear of the RAPPA frame for quick mounting/removal of rear mud flaps.

Rear frame to sit on RAPPA frame to mount plain wire jenny and/or barb wire spool.
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Dry Rot

Livestock Farmer
Roll frame with platforms on front and back.

Originally constructed as a mobile video camera dolly back when pro video was a two man job with heavy equipment (camera and separate recorder). Since modified to carry a tractor battery on the front and a swivel light up top, with a bar across the front to rest a rifle on. Framing is covered with foam pipe insulation. It has multiple uses. The platforms are ideal to swing a mal from, carry buckets or bales, etc. Probably the most useful tool on the farm.
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