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Discussion in 'Workshop Projects' started by jimmer, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. bigg6480

    bigg6480 Member

    I was thinking the easy to keep clear work bench with no top was cheating a bit on this thread.
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  2. bravheart

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    scottish borders
    Dress code qualifies though, green wellies let you in everytime.
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  3. milkloss

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    East Sussex
    Should patent the idea!
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  4. jf850

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    Co laois
    Surely the couple of stray straws on the floor , under where he is welding must give him a few extra points ??

    A lovely weld , by the way.
  5. Stock

    Stock Member

    AHH HERE now com'on............WELDING sure that an engineering process and if the rule of the "clamp " is applied it definitely not a bodge.........................now a seam of bird Sh1t that will qualify .............I think.....................HOPE
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  6. Shovelhands

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    Sunny Essex
    Your all missing the point, surely :scratchhead::scratchhead:........

    It's an improvement, made stronger and better than the original, will far outlast a standard item, will see the changing of many different handles and heads, such is it's strength, its clearly far superior to that which it's replaced! .....i.e., not a bodge.....:)

    I rest my case....
  7. clbarclay

    clbarclay Member

    But if they did that commercially it would be a bodge because it would last too long before they could sell another. The thought of anything in this thread being sellable though scares even me :nailbiting:
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  8. Haythers

    Haythers Member

    Haha I never thought about it being easy to keep clear, it's a previous project that never got finished now just use as a work bench
  9. Haythers

    Haythers Member

    Haha I only took the picture on the good side ;)
  10. Haythers

    Haythers Member

    Sounds like you've got some confidence in this haha, I did say to dad I'm hoping it outlasts him :eek:
  11. Tim G

    Tim G Member

    Wormingford, Essex
    That's no good, who will use it then?
  12. Haythers

    Haythers Member

    :facepalm: I never thought about that, might just have to weaken it a bit
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  13. Any body here mastered the dark art of reuseing used pop rivets.
    Please let me know (y)
  14. Poorbuthappy

    Poorbuthappy Member

    Much better to use tec screws. They can be used multiple times, and if they get to blunt to drill their own hole, you can pre drill with a drill bit (resharpened broken one obviously)
  15. Also whats best way to re shaft a hammer without useing new shafts waterpipe and broken bale spikes
  16. Bob c

    Bob c Member

    trouble with metal handles ,.....you get a sting down the handle
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  17. White finger, from pounding away at something.
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  18. pycoed

    pycoed Member

    Pontarddulais, UK
    The shanks make good tool hangers when hammered into the edges of shelves, with the added bonus that it saves on straightening nails(y)
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  19. pycoed

    pycoed Member

    Pontarddulais, UK
    Use a shortened sledge handle that you kept the last time your son broke one?
  20. skinnyhoskins

    skinnyhoskins Member

    the narth
    ooh err :wideyed:
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