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My mate did maintenance out there I'm prity sure all the money is tax free and your expenses were zero out there but I could be slightly wrong
If you spend a whole tax year out there you pay BAT tax which is somewhere around 5% flat rate if memory serves. Otherwise standard PAYE and tax. No expenses at all except for the beer, which is cheap and put against wages - no cash at all down there. But if you're in it for the money then the job isn't for you. BAS first and foremost want people who want to go just because they are passionate about the place and the science.


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:oops::oops: a spirit level in the bodging forum?!!! And is that a new packet of screws I can see!!
Screws?!? WTF

What's wrong with straighten old nails?

And those bits of wood don't look like they have been used before either!
Well I suppose you could argue that it used to hold a tree up in a previous life
Or it has cut marks in it from using it as a straight edge with a disc cutter 😂
He is putting the screws in with a hammer to be fair
Removable so Mrs N can't discover what's up there no doubt.

I started off with a cup of coffee to get step more level than the concrete floor, but I drank the coffee.

Spirit level was a pickup from scrapyard.

wood was offcuts.

There's a lump of cubicle mat under the lowest corner to take out the wobble. 20 years since we had cubicles!

The steps are removable so I can drive the sprayer out from behind them.

The screws are new. :(

I have been using the staircase for the last 3 years with a 2ft bottom step.

I throw myself on the mercy of the jury and accept the sentence imposed.

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