Quitting smoking


A doctor on telly was advising on various dietary items such as fats, sugars etc and also on exercise levels, being overweight, eating healthily etc. All good advice on how to live a long and healthy life.
At the end he said "but if you smoke just forget all that as you will be completely wasting your time."
When I don't know if they still are... Royals were in packets of 24 I'd buy 72 when fuelling the wagon of a morning and would still pick up another 20 before I went home.

Champix fixed that.

Started working for a cowboy outfit and started again... I was paying £3,20 for 20 Marlboro gold off a Pole who worked for us. I'd do 3 packs a day easily. He left but he still did me the cheap Marlboros as I sold a lot of Baccy for him.

Poles lost a lorry to customs and they dried up.

I started to see him less and less and to buy 40 Marlboro from a shop was over £16.

Started Vaping... Have done the last few years and that's got less and at the point where I'm thinking I could jack that aswell.


I’ve tried numerous attempts in the past, vaping lasted a few years but I went back to smoking during a stressful time. I’ve since quit on a tablet prescribed by the nhs. The first time like a fool I thought I could just have one so rightly so the nhs made me reapply. While this wait was happening I found the tablet for sale online and purchased it myself. Be warned it’s dear but a lot cheaper than smoking in the long run. The second time it worked and I haven’t touched one since. The lads smoke in my works van and it really doesn’t bother me, occasionally especially if someone sparks a lambert and butler or Richmond I admire the smell. But I’ve gone from a 20-60 a day to smoke free and feel a lot better for it. Google champix it was great for me
Ditto to Champix.Gave up December 17th 2011 after taking the course of tablets.I had smoked for about 40 years and was on about 20 B&H a day.These pills worked a treat and the nurse at our GP's told me to extend them for an extra 2 weeks to be sure.I feel so much better.
None of this vaping either.
If you are serious about quitting, by all means make use of the NHS stopping smoking service. It is already bought and paid for. Your doctor can help you. It's not about suffering and going through some kind of pain barrier.

I've been told by various people that stopping smoking was actually harder for them than giving up heroin. I wish you luck.

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