RABI publishes Big Farming Survey results

Written by Charlotte Cunningham from CPM Magazine

RABI’s Big Farming Survey results have revealed that despite the farming community facing significant mental and physical health challenges, more than 50% remain optimistic about the future of their farm businesses. The results, which are based on over 15,000 survey responses, were published on 14 October, to 70 influential representatives from the agricultural sector at a launch event in Birmingham. In response to the findings, RABI has outlined five core themes informed by the hardest-hitting statistics and called on the sector to help drive an effective response to the challenges identified. These included: 36% of the farming community are probably or possibly depressed. Over one-half of women (58%) experience mild, moderate or severe anxiety. An average of six factors cause stress across the farming community. The most commonly reported sources of stress are; regulation, compliance and inspection, COVID-19, bad/unpredictable weather, loss of subsides/future trade deals. Over half (52%) of the farming community experience pain and discomfort, one in four have mobility problems and 21% have problems in undertaking usual tasks due to health issues. 59% of respondents believe their business is viable over the next five years. Suzy Deely, RABI’s corporate partnerships manager, highlighted some of the positive outtakes within…
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