Rainwater diverter for 110mm pipe

J Godfrey

Livestock Farmer
I know it is very late but I stumble across the post

The simplest and by far the cheapest method is to use a condensation trap https://www.cityplumbing.co.uk/McAlpine-Condensation-Trap-4in-x-110mm-CONTRAP1/p/835066 , but like the system you have installed it will not stop the tank overflowing

That can be achieved very easily by fitting a float valve on the end of the pipe attached to the outlet, but a bit of advice is to poke a very small hole just before the fitting connecting the hose to to float valve so when it isn't raining the pipe self drains and does not freeze and split.

your one looks great however I would have used a Y junction and put it the other way up, again I'd poke a 3mm hole or two above the valve level to stop freezing splitting issues, but that's because here in Denmark it can get seriously cold for long periods and will easily split a 4" pipe

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