Rats Rats Rats Advice Please

There’s nothing to stop you doing that, or from buying it from MVF, etc. Expect to pay half as much again for a much smaller pack though, which may well be cheaper than paying for a course if you only have a small place, and/or a few rats?
Mrs Fred runs a little business at the stables looking after her RDA girls, so we thought we had better do things properly and get all the paperwork sorted. :)
Advertise locally and get keen airgunners on the place.
Our stables are next to a rather unorthodox" Christian Mission" and one of the leaders asked if his son could bring his airgun round. When he turned up, he looked like Rambo and not what we imagined at all for a teenage minister's son. He did have a fair bit of success with his night scopes, etc, though. So in the word's of old Oliver, "Trust in God and keep your powder dry!" :D
it's a bit galling when my mate from Bournemouth just goes down to BandQ and buys it without any checkups and he lives in a residential street.
We use Storm Secure, very potent,pro only and it's on eBay. Says pro use only but we've had it a few times and never been asked for any paperwork


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Find out where the burrows are tip a whole load of bait down the hole then block it up with earth, they have to eat their way out.
my experience is that they’ll just dig their way out and spoil the bait so they won’t eat it. Any blocks they can store will also likely spoil before they eat them as a last resort.


Two very nasty killer cats turned up here and had the rats running scared. Then we started lambing had got toxoplasma. Lost dozens of lambs, several ewes and then the two cats ( when I got a clean shot )
We vaccinate for it. Rats spread toxoplasma anyway. A young female cat might contract it and be infectious once. Ours don't crap in the sheds anyway. We only bring in older neutered males.

I'm not a cat person either but without them we would be overrun with vermin and building resistance to poison. They won't tackle the biggest rat but will get young rats and mice and also rabbits.


my experience is that they’ll just dig their way out and spoil the bait so they won’t eat it. Any blocks they can store will also likely spoil before they eat them as a last resort.
I find placing the bait in the holes works well....though like you I don't fill them in. I just place it far enough in to be out of reach of non-target species.

It's also the best place to dispose of rat carcases......let them die in the hole.
I don't like poison as its too indescriminate and they crawl off and die all over. Cat, ferret and airguns far far better. If inside buildings use glue boards but check them constantly.

Its very helpful to remove all sources of food and water (fudging tyres) and tidy riffraff up too as less hiding places for them.
We find placing the grain poison inside of a bait box in a pile and then covering it with honey works it’s extremely well, it’s so sticky they can’t carry it off so tend to stay and eat it and then retreat back down there holes and die. Hardly every find a dead rat on the yard

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A cow that escaped from her field when rural walkers left a gate open had to be put down after slipping on concrete and injuring herself, local police in the English county of Cheshire have reported.

The incident happened in Shotwick, according to Cheshire Police Rural Crime Team, which has issued a warning on the matter.

Commenting yesterday, Tuesday, August 11, PCSO Makin, of the rural crime team, said: “Today I’ve been to visit a farm in the Shotwick area after the farmer reported a gate being left open multiple times on a footpath that runs through their farm.

This has resulted in cows getting on to the nearby road and slipping on the concrete; sadly...