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Discussion in 'Agricultural Matters' started by PSQ, Feb 13, 2019.

  1. PSQ

    PSQ Member

    Scottish Borders
    On R4 this morning they ran a piece about the tender process for 'ECMT international haulage permits', which will be required by UK hauliers to operate in the EU after Brexit.
    - According to the RHA only 10% of applicants were granted permits by the EU.

    So, it looks like this will be the preferred method the EU will use to threaten an embargo / create a 'restriction of trade' on the UK, to 'focus government attention' on an outcome that suits the EU.
    Depth charges at the ready, It's the 'Battle for the Atlantic' all over again.

    Without turning this thread into a Brexit bitch-fest, what practical measures can be taken in advance to prevent serious disruption to farming operations in the UK, if (when?) the political dispute starts to heat up / escalate this summer ?

    I'm thinking along the lines of:

    Agchem imports - stockpile pre Brexit, 1 season, 2 seasons, 3...
    Ditto vet and med etc.
    Collapse in barley exports to Iberia - plant something other than spring barley?
    Collapse of lamb export demand?
    'Tit for tat' import ban on French maize etc?
    Exodus / banning of foreign farm labour?
    Availability of combine spares (etc) within X days of breakdown - contingency fund to hire in 'alternatives'.
    Nitrogen fert - no action, suitable domestic and Ukrainian etc supply.
    Implications to cash flow / ability to trade / willingness of lender to support agri-business, or sell us out?

    What would you add to the list?
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  2. 7610 super q

    7610 super q Member

    Seed and fert already here ( well, due tomorrow ). Might order pre-em. If the rest of the chems can't be sourced, crops can do without.

    Don't often use the finger, but as it's the EU.........:finger:
  3. topground

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    North Somerset.
    I inow little about transport operations but how many lorries arriving from Europe return empty. I would quess that the economics of the job means very few so this would hit imports and exports so nobody wins apart from non EU suppliers and customers.
    More scaremomgering so I wont be doing any early shopping.
  4. Shovelhands

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    Sunny Essex
    Sounds like more threats and bullying from the EU Dictatorship
    Be a good job done when we are out of it.
  5. Cowabunga

    Cowabunga Member

    I've already ordered enough fertiliser for 2019, and have all [the little] crop chemicals and silage additives ready to go. May be short of teat dip by mid Summer but I do have 1500 litres in stock, 1000 of which was delivered this morning.
    N fertiliser may come from Ukraine and so on, but it still has to come through a port and customs and it might be, possibly be, subject to a substantial import duty.

    That's my due diligence done. Buggers my cashflow forecast up slightly but surprisingly little. None will go to waste whatever happens. May bulk buy paper towels for the dairy in the next few days. The rest is in the hands of our useless feckless rubbish scum braindead politicians.
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  6. Smith31

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    How can anybody be ready for Brexit at this stage, when nobody including our politicians know what the future may hold?
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  7. primmiemoo

    primmiemoo Member

    I forgot to buy a roll of blue paper towel!!

    Other than that, I'll have to trust the abilities and foresight of the Vets', the mechanics', and the ag merchants' buyers, because I haven't a single scooby's about what might be part of a shortage.

    If there is one.
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  8. Brisel

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    All spring crop sprays will be ordered shortly - the main base programme anyway. Fertiliser is already in stock. That's about it.

    I am finding it hard to get a bid on new crop malting barley but the maltsters will have to come to the market eventually. The EU maltsters NEED our malt barley. Hopefully they will lobby the twits in Brussels to stop playing games and keep the wheels turning. There's going to be an awful lot of EU businesses who depend on us, if you remember our trade deficit with them.
  9. Sonoftheheir

    Sonoftheheir Member

    West Suffolk
    My friend works for a chemical storage and distribution firm who hold the chemical before it’s delivered to the local chemical suppilers. He says their stores are stocked to the rafters.
  10. bobk

    bobk Member

    Most of it last years I suspect .
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  11. Shovelhands

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    Sunny Essex

    Exactly. They can threaten all they like about preventing imports to the uk, but as much as we need the imports, they NEED to supply them! There will be uproar across Europe if countries and companies are prevented from exporting to the uk. And the things we export are also NEEDED by the eu countries as much as we need to export them.

    The big wigs in Brussels are nothing more than scared bullies, who are committed to their hard lined and dictator style cause.

    They are bricking it far more than we are I’m sure.....they are the ones who will have a huge hole in their funding!
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  12. Kevtherev

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    Welshpool Powys
    Myself and @Cab-over Pete already have a black market commodity supply chain ready.
    Coming through Morocco. IMG_2873.JPG
    Look for this chap called peter in a blue transit.
    Password is
  13. 7610 super q

    7610 super q Member

    Were you and Pete in Madness at one time ?:D

  14. primmiemoo

    primmiemoo Member

    Just like that!
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  15. Shovelhands

    Shovelhands Member

    Sunny Essex
    They are madness.........
  16. Kevtherev

    Kevtherev Member

    Welshpool Powys
    That’s us yes
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  17. kfpben

    kfpben Member

    Mid Hampshire
    Bought a 12 pack of baked beans at the weekend.
    That’s Brexit planning ticked off my to do list.
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  18. When you said it was all undercover work, I’m not really sure you knew what the term meant, did you?

    If you’ve read this, don’t tell anyone, right?
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  19. If there was no Brexit, and the notion had never been dreamt up, what would the government be doing now?

    There seems to be bugger all else for them to do.
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  20. What’s this Brexit thing.....?:rolleyes:
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