Real Results Pioneers – Poised to step up control

Written by Tom Allen-Stevens from CPM Magazine

Download PDF A new addition to the herbicide toolbox presents opportunities for growers grappling with grassweeds. CPM visits a North Yorks trial site with a Real Results pioneer to discuss how to refine strategies. Controlling grassweeds is like a game of snakes and ladders. By Tom Allen-Stevens Looking across the grassweed trial site at Kirk Hammerton, N Yorks, it’s pretty obvious where the best of the new chemistry has been applied. In places, there’s a lawn of the RRR-resistant ryegrass, while in some of the plots, there’s barely a plant out of place. For local grower and NIAB TAG agronomist Julian Thirsk, it’s something of an eye-opener. “It’s great to be able to see a proper herbicide trial site at last – I don’t think I’ve visited a Luximo trial since 2019, and that wasn’t a good year for trials.” Julian’s referring to the new pre-emergence herbicide, based on the active ingredient cinmethylin (see panel on pxx). Noted for its entirely new mode of action on grassweeds, it’s currently still awaiting approval for use, expected to be available commercially in time for autumn 2022, and it’s currently in trials across the UK. This includes a number of Real Results trials.…
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Five nature-recovery projects spanning 100,000ha launched

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Written by Michelle Martin from Agriland

Five nature-recovery projects spanning nearly 100,000ha across the West Midlands, Cambridgeshire, the Peak District, Norfolk and Somerset have been announced by the government and Natural England today (Thursday, May 26).

This is the equivalent in size to all 219 current National Reserves.

The aim of the projects is to deliver nature recovery at a landscape scale, helping to tackle biodiversity loss, climate change and improve public health and well-being.

All five projects will make a significant contribution towards the national delivery of the international commitment to protect at least 30% of land and...