Rear double bale handlers.


N Ireland
Looking at rear double bale handlers, (should have a few months ago but here we are....) have quite a few places where it would be just as easy to just ferry them as they are rather than use a trailer. How do these things cope with hay or straw bales? Only concern is they may want to slide off going up a hill? Looking to move non wrapped and wrapped with one tool if at all possible. Tipping feature could be handy.

Have come across these 2, like the build quality of both Nugent and Fleming, same price. Anybody dealt with Multec before?
NUGENT Double Bale Lifter - Multec Ltd
Fleming HD Double Bale Tipper - Multec Ltd

Also like the look of this as my thinking would be it may 'pinch' 2 hay bales together to stop them sliding off?
Fleming Hydraulic Double Bale Transporter - Multec Ltd

Or any other suggestions welcome. Thanks muchly!

I use double Nugent on the back with hydraulic toplink and single on the front. Guy wrapping drops bales off in pairs and lifting is simple. Very fast system on short haul.


Geometry of the thing isn't correct then.

It should be angled ever so slightly towards the ground to pickup without digging up sods and once lifted angled slightly back towards the tractor.


I have found that the fleming single tends to lift almost parallel, but the nugent will tip forward as it lifts.
both on the same tractor, with the top link adjusted so that the lifter is parallel on the ground.

Joe S

the ultimate in bale handling built to withstand the work proper heavy tool


the ultimate in bale handling built to withstand the work proper heavy tool

Prices of that are rediculous.
I have a single Flemming on the front of my 6640. I had to modify the Flemming as it would tip forward whilst lifting. I raised the top link point about a foot, it now lifts parallel to about ¾ height, after that it crowds back nicely.

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would hate to comment considering the price of steel is changing daily. Plenty of them about because they don't fall to bits and you can actually pick up bales that have settled a bit

I'll try get some pictures of my lifter if it ever comes back :rolleyes:

Had it made locally. £575 in 2010. It's still absolutely perfect.
With regard to geometry on these lifters I would assume that if it works on the front linkage then there will be plenty of adjustment to get the machine working well on the back.
Given the limited travel on front linkage I would estimate you need a good 28 inches between lower link and top link pin centres? This seems to work for other machines.
Would anyone care to increase or decrease that value?


We used to lead with spikes but have gone back to trailers now. Less paddle in the gateways and with 3 trailers going 1 man can keep up with the wrapper after a trailer head start where as it takes at least 2 with spikes 3 at a time. Wrapped in the field may be different as possibly less chance getting holed using lifters rather than trailers.

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