Recommend me an off road pram


Looking for the best pram. Off road (4" mud, beach, rocky ground, slopes) stable and robust. Car seat click into pram into car direct.

Less than a grand!! Cheaper to buy a car!!


Mountain buggy. Ours is 12 years old and done thousands of miles taken our 3 kids from zero to four. Only needed tyres and nothing has broken just material faded a little.
I looked a lot.... ended up with 3 different prams. A mothercare orb I think it was from birth to about 1. Very practical and not too expensive. A quinny something or other that was folded up small to fit in a car boot because the mothercare one was too big for a fiesta :rolleyes: (and happens to be for sale if anyone is interested!)
and I bought a second hand one for dirty stuff. Loads of them about just pick one with big wheels. They're cheap this one was really tidy and £15. Couldn't see the sense in spending a fortune when all 3 of those came for £5-600. Best thing was you still had a clean pram for going to baby groups or doctors visits or whatever. The dirty one could stay dirty or you'd be forever cleaning wheels to go inside places.
We only really needed 2 though if we'd had a bigger car at the time.

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We had one of these from mothercare, wasn’t mega expensive and turns into a buggy for when they get a bit older. Baby chair lifts off and fastens into the car just with the seatbelt so no issue swapping between vehicles. Used it for both kids and still in excellent condition (if your interested 😉).
It was dead easy to push on and off road to even with a buggy board on the back. Even have a flight case for it.


melted welly

Phil and Teds


it doesn’t detach the seat, but from what I saw of those types they were expensive, clunky, with tiny wheels. You can get an insert for a baby, which is basically a cot.

The back is held by 2 clips which you release and it drops flat for sleeping.

We took ours everywhere, beach, fields, up hills, wasn’t trendiest, or cleanest, at toddler club though.

wheels are big and pneumatic. And you can get spares. We had ours for about 5yr, did 2 kids. I fixed several punctures, replaced a whole wheel that got broken 🤷🏻‍♂️ And probably a full set of bearings including on the steering axle.

it was very light to walk with and honestly went everywhere.

Got ours as ex display model for £160 out of toys r us after some haggling. They’re a lot more now. 😕

i don’t think you’ll find exactly what you want as my wife spent months looking for they same.

get a Phil and ted buggy, a good reclining car seat and a hiking backpack. Wrap the little darling up in a cozy suit, and they won’t notice the transfers as they’ll be sleeping.


We got one of eBay for £300.came with two different seats.had universal brackets so we could just pop the maxi cosi car seat straight to it.has loads of storage space underneath an easily folds up into the boot of the car.
Its really good off road too been through all sorts on the farm.
Have a look at outnabout nipper

Ours was brilliant, it's a solid three wheeler.

Fits a pram top that can face either way, then a maxi-cosi car seat, then is also a buggy.

The whole package is about £600 but can be found cheaper.

There is a jogging version with bigger wheels.



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We have the cybex gazelle. It's well made and holds our 21 month and 3 month olds which is obviously essential for us, but also is not any bigger than most single prams, and can be convertd into a single easily.

Anyway, if you aren't planning any more sprogs in the near future then that's all irrelevant.

What matters is it does all the things you ask of it, with car seats available to suit. I did a lot of research into the seats and the cybex always seemed to come out on top in safety tests, which was our main reason for going down this route.

It has good heavy suspension, but small front wheels - making it suitable for rough lanes, but not terrific on really rough surfaces. As an all rounder it's well worth a look I'd say.

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