Recovery time, crushed disc and nerves in spine

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Keepers, Jan 6, 2019.

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    I have no advice or words of wisdom @Keepers but I wish you a speedy recovery. I'd offer to lend a hand but a bit far away.
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    I am really sorry to hear this. I would really err on the side of caution, you only have one back.

    My Dad (a fit 65 yr old) had a back problem similar to the injury you are speaking of but it was caused by years of abuse (like lifting two sacks of cement at a time and overdoing it). It resulted in him being unable to walk more than 20 yds without sitting down. It had got progressively worse over time.

    Last year he had the serious surgery you mentioned. It is basically opening up the base of the spine, clearing any debris in the nerve channels and then fusing the bottom 3 vertebrae. He was bed bound and horizontal for a week with a little more movement the following week etc until about 1 month, where he could walk unaided (with a wheelie stick) but carefully. He had a back support and some very hard drugs. This all happened about a year ago and he is relatively pain free but with more limited movement. He occasionally overdoes it and he gets a telling of from us. He recently helped me put a marquee up but I was careful not to let him lift anything. Hopefully that gives you an idea of recovery from the surgery at least.

    It would be a good thing to book in regular sports massages when you recover. One problem you will encounter is your muscles will spasm to try to protect your back and this will put pressure on your damaged disc and cause pain. An hour a month with a physio and some posture exercises will help no end. When I was playing rugby I had lots of physio work and often got barked at because much of my pain was caused by bad posture and not injury.
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    Don't take codine as being in massive pain and then trying to pass a watermelon or it feels like it will be probably the worst experience EVER.
    Try for oral morphine instead but that isn't nice but your doctor maybe understanding and let you have it.
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    I smashed my back in a car crash in 2009. water on the road............
    I broke T10 and T11, ruined a few discs, and damaged T12 L1 and L2.

    left foot didn't work at all while I was in hospital, this is due to damaged spinal cord, maybe it was due to all the tablets but wasn't hugely painful.

    As there was a gap in the broken vertebrae, I got sent to the National Spinal Unit for surgery, so they removed the bits of broken bone and fused T10 andT11 together, I think I have 2 bits of steel and 3 screws.

    I didn't have a huge amount of pain after, lots of physio and 3 months in hospital recovering, I keep up running swimming cycling, dont have full motion in one foot and pins and needles where my shoelaces are, the story could be much much much worse. Can run a half marathon and swim a mile.

    Has surgery not been considered in your case, Id recommend it TBH, it sorted me out.

    If I had been employed as a builder in 2009 would have been time for career change, or any job where bending and pulling awakward things.

    however I guess Im a part time farmer and can manage that easily, could quite easily manage as a full time farmer, but I have more sense than to be pulling and dragging for sport anyway.
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    Not read the whole thread @Keepers but I crushed two vertebrae in my lower back about 27 years ago and the pain is still there every day although some days its not to bad and others its bloody bad, was in hospital for a week they sent me home with strong pain killers and not a lot else, they said to say of work for 3 months and I done 3 weeks and went back doing what I could as I had no money and couldn't claim any,
    I took the pills for a bit then didn't bother with the bloody things, had a hell of a job some days with simple things like just getting up from a chair for years but it got better in time but I don't think it will ever go away I can feel it now just sat on the sofa
    they told me there was nart to be done but it was a long time ago and may have been a fob off I never questioned it, TBO they didn't tell me much at all
    anyway hope it works out well for you (y)
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    Someone mentioned core strength - can’t agree enough on that. It takes the strain off your back.
    I was terrified when I hurt my back which in hindsight increased the spasms and moving awkwardly. I got relief hanging upside down on a turntable thing which was ok in the summer but not so good in the winter - coat pockets seem to be endlessly full of chaff and it was cold in the shed where I had it set up.

    Keeping moving felt wrong until I found someone I trusted to explain why , for me, that was the right thing to do. Lifting weight was and still is often an absolute no. It compresses everything. If you have to lift something while it’s bad, keep it light and close to your body. Even a jam jar is heavy at stretch.

    Weirdly learning to meditate helped. Pain can be deflected to some extent. It’s a signpost to be careful. Fully accepting/acknowledging it reduces the need for it.
    Hope that makes sense and hang in there. It will get better.
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