Red Tractor appoints former retailer and City Hall communications chief

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    Written by John Swire

    In a move to strengthen its communications function, Red Tractor has appointed Rebecca Miller into the newly formed role of Head of Communications.

    Ms Miller joins Red Tractor from Heineken UK, the UK’s largest cider, beer and pub company, where she was Head of Media and Sustainability and responsible for driving the communications response to the UK-wide shortage of CO2 during the hottest summer on record. She also led on Heineken UK’s Brewing a Better World stakeholder and sustainability strategy.

    A former staffer to Boris Johnson, Ms Miller has also managed the communications for product and suppliers for retail giant Tesco. Rebecca played a key role in rebuilding trust in the business, working with the Executive Team during the turnaround, during four of the most challenging years in the supermarket’s history.

    Additionally, she developed a ‘new ways of working’ model to improve the productivity of the communications function, so that it focused on the commercial priorities of the business.

    Ms Miller has also led on crisis communications, media engagement and a range of high impact campaigns for the retailer, including food quality and embedding the Grocery Suppliers Code of Practice across the business and with stakeholders and supplier partners.

    Jim Moseley, Red Tractor CEO, said: “Rebecca represents an exciting step forward for Red Tractor. With a background in retail, London politics and working for an international cider, beer and pub business, she has been involved with some of the biggest corporate and news moments of the last decade.

    “As the UK enters into this unprecedented period of uncertainty, there has never been a more important time for Red Tractor, one of the world’s leading food assurance schemes, to help British shoppers understand which food is produced to the highest standards of food safety, animal welfare and traceability.”

    The appointment of Ms Miller at the end of May, enables Richard Cattell, who is currently responsible for both Communications and Marketing, to focus fully on Red Tractor’s consumer marketing and commercial strategy under the new title of Head of Marketing & Commercial.

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  2. JP1

    JP1 Moderator

    If it's worth a beer token or two, I'd ask Ms Miller to not waste any of my fees on improved newsletters back to me (a bit like the Borough Council newsletters that are always timed to state how great a job they are doing just before the new bills arrive).

    I would like to see what Heineken can do for finally taking the fight to the market promoting good provenance red meat as part of a sensible balanced diet

    "If Heineken made good British Meat .............." I realise this was Carlsberg in the past but other brands are available

    @egbert What say you?
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  3. gone up the hill

    Hell of a lot of beef/sheep farmers have/ are considering quitting the RT scheme down here in the SW because there is now clearly NO benefits for farmers to be a member.

    In fact at local markets currently NON FA lambs are making as much if not more than FA lambs...
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  4. Old Tip

    Old Tip Member

    It’s got to be a step forward, complete waste of time spending time and money on telling us what to do when it’s the general public that need to know. If the consumer is happy to pay more for RT stamped products then the farmer will be happy to join
  5. Werzle

    Werzle Member

    Cull cows are dire if your not FA and strong almost finished stores would be £50-80 behind FA same sorts in the store market. Dont get me wrong i dislike the FA racket
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  6. jamj

    jamj Member

    A few years ago I asked local dealer why price difference between FA and non Fa had increased by so much.
    He replied that after the horse meat scandle Tesco were insisting on FA and rather than putting price of FA up it put price of non FA down. The difference use to be about £40, it went to about £130.
    So farmers pay for Tescos doings.
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  7. gatepost

    gatepost Member

    Well I have had an inspection recently, and I personally think and stated my case , that to insist that I pay a third party for advice (vet and health assessment ) to be unacceptable, as a sole trader what I decide to spend my meagre income on is my decision to make, I resent being treated like an uneducated peasant (I may be just that) who's only role is to wield a muck prong while being told what to do, and paying for the pleasure of taking all of the risks in producing food at its primary level. so if there any RT folk listening in, As an agricultural elder statesman? Thou shalt not have the right to place your sticky corporate hands or those Dany's of associated professions in my pocket .
  8. thats a darn good post imo. (y)
  9. Tarw Coch

    Tarw Coch Member

    Having read the opening post and all the waffle, I’m still none the wiser as to what she’s going to do and what benefit it will be to farmers...........I presume it’s for farmers benefit as it is farmers who will ultimately be paying her wages through their membership fees.
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