Red Tractor feed warranty



Quite a bit different from the latest version, better for tracablity I would say.

Farm to farm non assured cereals need a self assured passport, so this has been acceptable for over ten years at least.

This must be different standards for the same product if feed mills cannot use non assured.

Grass and Grain did your legal consultation say this was the sort of proof needed to win the case?
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Apologies for another RT thread :(. I'm about sick of it all !!! Will try not to post many more unecessary threads.

Here it is, didn't know it existed....

Feed/grain warranty declaration to say it's OK to trade farm to farm feed/grain if it's non-assured. I asked RT about it, and they told me about it.

So therefore now RT say they're going to accept feed from a feed mill (supplied to the feed mill as non-assured), then the below declaration should be quite sufficient to also supply to the feed mill, as RT already accept it (in fact, their own declaration form) :)(y):)(y). Just got to get it past AIC, but difficult to argue against it.

Why is beef/lamb different to pork/chicken. No idea why the daft RT rules should be different for different species :scratchhead: :scratchhead: :scratchhead:

See screenshots below.
It's available from the RT website under the livestock scheme drop down menus (e.g. beef, chicken), Feed Warranty Declaration.

View attachment 1000065

View attachment 1000066

These bozos are beyond a joke. They literally are thick and the level of corruption is ridiculous between them and the NFU, AHDB and AIC.


These bozos are beyond a joke. They literally are thick and the level of corruption is ridiculous between them and the NFU, AHDB and AIC.
Theres no difference between these fools and the old codgers who spent Christmas robbing the vaults in London a few years ago.
I had a bit of respect for them but not for these idiots stealing our money who can't even cover their own tracks.
We're on their case and loads more is going to be uncovered through the passage of time.


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I was just going to post that I remember doing a feed warranty declaration for Malt Culms, then the inspector got confused about whether it was till allowed or not, then it definitely wasn't, so the malt culms got hidden for several years, then our supplier joined UK Malt and everything was ok again.

Still the same product. Still comes contaminated with old masks, polish lager cans, live rats, a replica handgun, and every other type of shite you can imagine.

Grass And Grain

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Can't think how they're going to get out of this one.

Simple declaration, exactly what we've said all along.

"Ah, but you'll need prohibitively expensive lab test. It'll be better for you all to keep paying RT you peasants. Do as you're told".

"No we won't. Your own declaration will do just fine".

The End.

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