Regenerative practices

Regenerative practices
Posted by Sheila Cooke
Thursday, January 23, 2020 - 08:00 PM
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Youtube is a great resource, but unfortunately most of the clips ive come across are either North American or Australian - pity there weren't more with a UK perspective

Facebook is also a marvellous resource with many "regen ag" groups

Im sure @hendrebc , @CornishTone , @Karliboy among many others could point you in the right direction
maybe @holwellcourtfarm or @Sheila Cooke in regards to HM ?

the great thing about social media sites is that once you start following things, you will get suggestions or come across other pages or sites of interest as well
Where is a good place to learn about Regenerative farming?
The Holistic section of this forum (edit to add - this is in the direct drilling section)
Groundswell ag conference

For starters...

'Don't wait for someone to tell you..'. (y)

That's the thing most farmers need to grasp about regenerative ag, nobody is going to tell you to change.
No government in their right mind will force this (in the foreseeable future) because it admits their own shortcomings across decades.
It has to be led by the farmer, for the farmer, and the future farmers!!
Half the world's topsoil has gone into oceans and waterways in 150 years of "doing it the proper way"... yet it's growing 10mm/year here..
I thought id share this quote from @Kiwi Pete
I don't think he'd mind ;)

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