Remember this next time the Scouts want a field for camping


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Post on the official Scouts Facebook page. Anyone with Facebook join the discussion! Next time they ask for a field for camping etc they'll know what the answer will be.

They went on to say replace eggs with Tofu, and mince with Lentils


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ADHD has sweet f.a to do with what you feed them !
May be, I’m no doctor but their Is certainly more disorders in kids nowadays than when I was a youngster, could be lack of work fir them to burn off the energy. But either way consuming preserving agents , food colourings and simulated flavourings isn’t what our bodies were built to process. i understand without theses additives the shelf life and general appeal of the foods isn’t as good and I eat my fair share of crap too.


My son has adhd, and while certain foodstuffs make his concentration issues worse the condition itself has nothing to do with what they eat or his mother ate, I fully support the view that processed foodstuffs can lead to heath and behaviour problems in young people but certainly in my son's case it has had nothing to do with it, we are very careful in what we eat, and in my wife case when she was pregnant ate very healthy indeed. ADHD is just being understood in more detail now and it's a very complex subject


Got to hand it to the scouts for inadvertently promoting the dangers of letting opinionated, bigoted, middle class, middle aged adults loose on the internet with a polarizing topic to play with.

I'm not sure what the target audience (9 to 15 yr olds I think) are making of it.

I can think there is an internet safety badge - think the parents need it more than the kids!!

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