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I am new to this forum and last night gave this section a try regarding my spring fert requirements.
I am very impressed with the two replies so far received - both where well presented and clear - there was a difference between their quotes and the three others I had been given from regular suppliers via email query- I am not saying at this stage that this forum will result in huge price reductions but I now think a margin of a couple of percent saving coupled with prompt payment or the like will ensure my spring fert bill bucks the trend and gives me a few pounds more to spend elsewhere in this costly business of farming. (not going off to Bennidorm - but may afford to watch it on telly with a bottle of beer no less - so cheers forum members - post your requirements)
If members get behind this it will change the supply chain in agriculture. The supply chain is to congested, there is serious margin savings to be made through a direct to end user model like this! resellers traditional get given around 10- 20% depending on how much they spend why shouldn't the guy who's actually buying the stuff get this!!!

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CEAT Specialty Tyres Webinar - 23rd July 7:30pm - Emerging Agri Tyre Trends

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Date: Thursday 23rd July 2020

Time: 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM UK Time

We invite you to a webinar, about emerging trends in agricultural equipment and tyres in the UK and Ireland. Below is the brief agenda for the webinar:-
  • Mr. Dyutimaan Chatterjee, CEAT Specialty’s Head of R&D and Technology speaks about emerging agriculture equipment and tyre trends
  • Address from our partners: Mr. Alan Lindsay from Nordic Tyres and Mr. James Barfoot from JB Tyres
  • Live Q&A with viewers
You will be able to register for the event here shortly.

For more information about CEAT Specialty please visit