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    I don't know him, but plenty have gone down the route of employing advisers and consultants. It's a slippery slope IMO. They get you over a barrel and next thing you can't manage without them and the fees keep on rising. I like to do my own records and paperwork as then I know what's going on. I do the statutory minimum but even then takes a considerable amount of my time.
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    If Nitrates & Phosphates were a "Key environmental issue" then sewerage works wouldn't release raw sewerage into rivers with no penalty.

    I also know that the local SSSI & SAC, which is the highest environmental grade for water courses ... has phosphate pollution at source from ex coal mines. On top of this our local sewerage plant on the SSSI & SAC is over capacity.

    Nothing done about those problems.

    Yet agriculture receives the jack boot of regulation.

    I think you might well be correct if Gove remains in his ministerial position ... unless Farmers & their families react by not voting Conservative or better still forming political groupings we'll remain under the jack boot.
  3. Thank you for your participation and your encouraging remarks. I am very grateful for your advice and I look forward to hearing from some of you in the near future.
  4. Hi Danllan

    Thank you for your recent comments and words of encouragement! Would mind answering some further questions in a private conversation?

    The transition from subsidy to environmental stewardship is something I would like to focus on throughout my research. In addition, I agree that questions of sovereignty must take a central position and I would greatly appreciate any further insights.

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    No problem, PM me, I'm in for lunch so can write now.
  6. Your privacy settings prohibit me from beginning a PM, would you please message me?
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    :banghead: Have no idea about them, will do so now, but am off to move some sheep in a bit so don't expect much until later.

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