Research on Brexit, Agriculture and Online Politics

Discussion in 'Brexit & Politics' started by Eliot (Researcher ), Oct 6, 2017.

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    I don't know him, but plenty have gone down the route of employing advisers and consultants. It's a slippery slope IMO. They get you over a barrel and next thing you can't manage without them and the fees keep on rising. I like to do my own records and paperwork as then I know what's going on. I do the statutory minimum but even then takes a considerable amount of my time.
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    If Nitrates & Phosphates were a "Key environmental issue" then sewerage works wouldn't release raw sewerage into rivers with no penalty.

    I also know that the local SSSI & SAC, which is the highest environmental grade for water courses ... has phosphate pollution at source from ex coal mines. On top of this our local sewerage plant on the SSSI & SAC is over capacity.

    Nothing done about those problems.

    Yet agriculture receives the jack boot of regulation.

    I think you might well be correct if Gove remains in his ministerial position ... unless Farmers & their families react by not voting Conservative or better still forming political groupings we'll remain under the jack boot.

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