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restoration photos

Discussion in 'Classic Machinery' started by REStracTORATION, Jun 8, 2016.

  1. hi guys im agrotron 150 from the old forum, we are stil restoring tractors and machinery,
    A few pics of completed and as they arrive hope you enjoy and please feel free to coment.
    please dont slander our work everybody is entitled to their opinion this is way we and our repeat customers want their tractors
    thankyou james
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  2. boyo

    boyo Member

    I take it things have been quiet!
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  3. ha no got a alot on, i cant seem to upload any photos? my latest photos are saved as a non transferable file??? have older photos can anyone help me upload photos from my phone media album onto here please!
  4. Screenshot_2015-02-07-23-10-53.png heres an old 1 just to see if it can be seen
  5. 20160510_104719.jpg
    a before not to bad of nik, but weve painted it up them pics to follow
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  6. Splitpin

    Splitpin Member

  7. Screenshot_2016-04-30-00-58-19.png

    this just recently arrived for a full job, mf 735 i think any info on this would be kindly recieved as ther is no model number and the id plates have rusted away
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  8. sunny cumbria
  9. 20151020_170642.jpg 20151020_170652.jpg 20151020_170705.jpg a larl vineyard
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  10. 20150603_065709.jpg 20150603_065659.jpg 20150603_065646.jpg 20150603_065634.jpg 20150603_065623.jpg a few from in the showroom
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  11. a close up!

    20140723_100200.jpg 20140723_100125.jpg 20140722_160318.jpg 20140722_160349.jpg 20140722_160415.jpg
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  12. msheep66

    msheep66 Member

    Mid Wales
    Very nice paint job on the Masseys. Would that be 2 pack paint?
  13. yea 2k to get the best results to many peoples discust, but we say if your gona invest all that time and money why not make it the best we can with in reason
  14. John 1594

    John 1594 Member

    With good reason.....why go to the effort of a full restoration, right down to period goodyear tyres, and then paint something so shiny it looks like all the panels are fibreglass.

    Those on a quest for the purest form of originality aim for a finish as close to factory specifcation as possible
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  15. Lincsman

    Lincsman Member

  16. Mursal

    Mursal Member

    Lovely work, keep the pictures coming .............
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  17. John 1594

    John 1594 Member


    Possible they are the correct wheels...9.5 x 24s at a guess.

    Given the lightness of the combine it would have needed a narrowish tyre to get itself along, they were very favoured by hill farmers in thier time, such was thier stability and low center of gravity
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  18. msheep66

    msheep66 Member

    Mid Wales
    Are these tractors etc what you have done for other people or are they your own collection?
  19. Is your MF35x multi power for sale
  20. Deereone

    Deereone Member

    Well done James, How much restoration do you do? i.e. is it just cosmetic?

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