Returning a pickup

Ordered a new pickup dec 2020, arrived 30th June, electrical problem and air bag fault on way home from dealership. They came to collect the pickup after 3 or 4 calls, they wanted me to book the car in rather than come to collect it. They left me with a car not a pick-up and kept mine for 3 or 4 days and returned it with body work damage on the drivers side passenger side and dinted rear bumper. They hired me a pickup while mine went to the body shop. Pick-up came back I drove off, same airbag light came on as last time, they took it back and it took approximately 10 weeks to get parts. They hired me a pickup for this period, collected my pickup again and the same day it started a regen on the dpf not even done 100 miles it has done this 14 time since I have had it, it has done 1400 miles. The car has been back again to the dealership for a day and a half with no success in resolving the matter. They have changed the fuel filter and taken fuel samples. the speakers work intermittently on the drivers side front and back which the pickup has been back for and has not been resolved, and now there is a problem with the sat nav. I am left with a vehicle that has repeated regeration problems, speaker problems and satnav issues. All are still not resolved .
There has been lots of phone calls and time wasted in trying to resolve these issues and has all been very amicable but there is a lack off contact on there side. I have sent numerous emails to try to get the problems resolved and still haven’t been contacted by the dealer principal. All the dealership seem to want me to do is keep repeatedly booking it in without the matter being resolved. I have contacted the manufacturer and they said they cannot help it all has to go through the dealer.
I have asked for a replacement as I have lost complete faith in this vehicle, they have offered me market price for the pick-up but don’t seem to seem to understand I have waited 6 months for this pickup and I can’t take there money and drive away with a new pickup from a garage the way things are at the moment.
I what can I do or would you do?
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When it went for the dpf problem they couldn’t find anything wrong, i collected the vehicle drove less than a mile and it started a dpf cleaning cycle, I turned back round and they came out of the dealership and couldn’t understand what was going on and I had to book it in again, which is when they changed the fuel filter and took a sample of fuel and all clear.
As good a reason as any to use a finance company on a new vehicle purchase. ;)

Been a winner on 3 occasions for me where a Dealer was playing hard ball....

Good luck @peterfarmer! with your negotiations. Chuck the Legals at the Dealership if they are still being stupid. Have you legal insurance??
What legals can I use? I have just said it is not fit for the purpose and I would like a replacement. I bought it through the CLA discount scheme. I don’t know if they will help

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