Revitalised Cereals team seeks your help



Written by Charlotte Cunningham

The revitalised Cereals Event team is calling on the arable industry to help shape next year’s event, kicking off with a reception for exhibitors and farmer advisory board members. Charlotte Cunningham reports. Having worked to forge stronger links with farmers, agronomists and exhibitors in recent years, the newly expanded team invited exhibitors and board members to a hog roast in Hertfordshire last week, where they welcomed feedback and fresh ideas. “In 20 years of managing events, Cereals has been the most challenging but most rewarding event I’ve ever been involved with,” said event director Alli McEntyre. “It’s also the most beautiful event I’ve been to and we need your help to make it even more valuable to our visitors.” Feedback from this year’s event was extremely positive – despite the appalling weather – with visitors awarding the overall event a score of 87% and 60% of exhibitors having already booked their stands for next year, said Alli. New features And there are already exciting new features in the pipeline, including a young farmers’ programme with a focus on sustainable farming, more space, and a dedicated feature area for robotics and new technologies. There will also be a Grain Exchange for…
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