Revolutionary late blight potato fungicide launched in co-formulation

Revolutionary late blight potato fungicide launched in co-formulation

A revolutionary co-formulated fungicide for the prevention of late blight in UK and Irish potato crops will be available for farmers to use during the 2020 growing season.

Zorvec Endavia® is a liquid combining oxathiapiprolin with benthiavalacarb in a single five-litre bottle, providing protection from late blight for up to 10 days after application.

Oxathiapiprolin was launched by Corteva Agriscience TM as Zorvec Enicade® in 2018 and, sold in co-packs, played a huge role in 2019 spray programmes as temperatures and humidity piled the pressure on farms.

The co-formulation pushes the boundaries of traditional spray programmes by delivering market-leading persistence, providing unrivalled duration of protection, tackling any late blight present in the plant while also moving in the plant to protect new growth.

Alister McRobbie, category manager for potatoes at Corteva, said: Potato growers and agronomists have been left in no doubt over the qualities of Zorvec, following a season of incredibly high pressure throughout last summer.

The strengths of the active ingredient create a protectant and curative product with demonstrable movement into new growth.

Trials of the co-formulated product have demonstrated fantastic performance in the control of late blight, and we expect it to be a hugely valuable tool for UK and Irish potato growers in managing the increasingly aggressive strains of late blight now present.

Being co-formulated with benthiavalicarb enables users to target Zorvec Endavia at the rapid growth phase of the programme, where the properties of Zorvec will be most effective, providing growers with the cleanest possible start to their programme.

Zorvec Endavia provides the same market-leading protection in a single bottle for those looking for an alternative to co-packs, Alister added.

The inclusion of a second active ingredient provides important protection against the risk from development of resistance strains of late blight.

Farmers can apply Zorvec Endavia at 0.4l/ha up to 4 times during a season but are limited to three sprays in a block.

As well as controlling late blight in potatoes Zorvec Endavia has a label claim for downy mildew in onions, shallots and garlic.

Application rates differ; the product can be applied to onions and shallots at 0.5l/ha three times during the growing season, with a maximum of two sprays in a block.

Further details will be made available soon. For additional information please contact the Corteva Technical Hotline on 0800 689 8899 or e-mail: [email protected].

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