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Robot miker Aberdeen area to Cumbria

Discussion in 'Haulage and Backloads' started by wasted years, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. Careful driver needed obviously, 15 foot long approx 3 foot wide will need securing down .
    Loading time to be arranged with vendor but if anyone is coming south in next week or so shout up.
  2. Strawgalore

    Strawgalore Member

    South Cumbria
    I can possibly arrange that
  3. Strawgalore

    Strawgalore Member

    South Cumbria
    Ah I've just re read, you need a carfull driver
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  4. When are you thinking to do it, I'm in a hurry sadly, having trouble with mine and need the bits.
  5. quattro

    quattro Member

    Did you get your robot down
  6. Yes went Saturday through all that rain, set off about half 10 and got back at 1am.
    I've never been north of Stirling before, I was surprised at how much like southern England Aberdeen is, lots of leafy lanes, different feel to central and southern Scotland somehow.
    My satnav brought me back over a road that I shall never forget from Alford to Laurencekirk (Spelling), I stopped before re-joining the A90 to stop shaking.
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  7. quattro

    quattro Member

    Yeah it’s not a bad area to be farming worst part is the weather
    It either makes it hard or easy
  8. Chae1

    Chae1 Member

    Did you come over the cairn!?

    It's a wild road.
  9. There were snow poles either side of the road and a real sharp 'up and over' at the top with a tight turn straight after.
    Right in the bottom was a tight right hander over a bridge, the brakes were stinking and I was getting emotional by this point, by myself, wind , rain and fog , tired and hungry.
    The things you do to try and get off the bottom rung.
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  10. Stuart J

    Stuart J Member

    The cairn o mount.
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  11. I actually was scared, bottom gear in land rover , didn't know where I was, I contemplated pulling into one of those cuttings into the rock for the night and phoning the cops for help but I had no idea of the location.
    Bloke at the farm said go back to Aberdeen and down and miss all that out but I thought I'd better follow the phone map.
    I'd missed that turn on the way there which is a shame as I would have known to avoid it.
    Something else I won't do again.
  12. Chae1

    Chae1 Member

    Hope your trip was worthwhile.

    I'm losing faith in Sat nav going to buy a big road atlas. Probably wouldn't have helped in your case though.
  13. It will be worth while long term, I can't wait to get a second machine put in so that we aren't as reliant on just the one.
    In truth I was just in too much of a hurry and should have taken a passenger.
  14. AndrewB

    AndrewB Member

    The cairn o mount is only a few miles from me great views if it was a sunny day, not that you had time to look.
    Here’s a link of someone going down in a cart in the dark
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  15. Turra farmer

    Turra farmer Member


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