Rolling Spring Barley post emergence

Mark C

Been snatching drilling S Barley with a combo drill between showers over the last few weeks. Not much got rolled before it rained. When is it safe to roll it once it’s up ?


See someone rolling today and it’s only just up say 50%. I was thinking will it harm the shoots just under. Time will tell.

Two Tone

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Why were you doing it at that stage?
It was about 25 years ago, in North Suffolk. We had planted a 60 acre heavy land field with 1/2 rate Baytan treated Haven 2nd Wheat. The field had been ploughed with a TW25 pulling a Dowdeswell DP7E+1 and press.
It was drying fast, so we powerharrowed it with an MF 1250 with duals all round on a 4.5 meter Maschio pulling a set of rolls behind. I drilled it with an MF 675 + rear duals that I had converted to 4 wheel drive, pulling a Bamlet Tive 2004 trailed pneumatic drlill. Then it rained and we couldn’t roll it.
It started coming up, but was all over the place. Baytan slows down surface emergence. We were worried about slugs and I also wanted to roll before we sprayed it with IPU + Trifluralin.
So 2 weeks after drilling, I rolled it with that MF 675 pulling a set of 6.3 metre Hydraulic folding Bamlet Tive Rolls. A good friend had told me that I wouldn’t hurt it as long as the tractor was light and dualed up.
I’d keep it in 4 wheel drive but knock it into 2 wd on the headlands as I turned so as not to scrub the seed out.
I’d swear only half of it was up as I rolled it. But the next day it was all up!
It yielded 4 tons an acre no trouble at Harvest.
Having had a pre T1 of 2/3 rate ccc, then a T1, T2 and T3 (T0 hadn’t been invented then). No further herbicides and 125 units of Urea split in 2 doses.
That was it.
Easy, compared to today!
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is there any need to roll? Breaking clods will disturb ground and release blackgrass. Obviously important for combine and manganese def but cant see much point?


I would like to roll my spring barley as it is patchy in places, needs more rain! Agronomist is on for applying Foxtrot for wild oats though and he said could have an adverse effect.
Experiences please

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