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Rose Bay Willow Herb (again)

Discussion in 'Direct Drilling Crops & Agronomy' started by Louis Mc, May 29, 2018.

  1. Louis Mc

    Louis Mc Member

    Meath, Ireland
    This year we seem to have lots of it around the place.
    Winter oats received inca max & fluroxypr and some has still persisted
    Winter Wheat had monolith & Harmony max but some has survived
    Rape treated with astro kerb seems fine and spring beans are fine.

    All fields got rattler pre drilling which is effective i find so its all new stuff that has come in crop. Im sure it has something to with shitty weather for 9 months but would be concerned with levels appearing in the crops. We spray with mains water which is possibly a little bit hard so that might be part of the problem
  2. Louis - I have had big problems with it in the past and this is my experience:

    Bare stubbles allow it to thrive so it can be a worse problem in spring. And like all weed problems you only notice its a problem when you've given it a 3 year head start so you will have to manage it backwards again in my opinion.

    Chemicals I find that can do a good job on it (depending on crop obvs)

    Liberator is a good start on it
    Broadway Star also does ok
    Metsulfuron -Methyl is ok if you can get on early enough but it seems to work better with a bit of Tribenuron-Methyl too (bouddha)
    The Imazamox in Nirvana is good so that helps in beans.
    Astrokerb is ok too
    The carfentrazone in Platform S is pretty good for Spring Barley

    The carfentrazone in Shark is also handy providing you use it in the right place. I think for a crop that is not wheat, beans, or rape then maybe use some Shark with the roundup pre drilling. I have no idea on the legality but often wondered would a low rate of shark in crop or pre em do any harm on spring cereals/ winter oats?

    If your absolutely desperate now in cereals then I'd say Platform S is your best choice to singe it all up.
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  3. Brisel

    Brisel Member

    What is Rattler? I have started to see it more & have some in my spring barley after overwintered stubbles. CMPP + fluroxypyr + Ally Max (metsulfuron + tribenuron) should nail it in the crop. Pre drilling or even in the autumn I'm starting to use Kyleo which is 2,4D plus glyphosate which bowls it over nicely.

    How does glyphosate + Shark work against Kyleo cost-wise, Will?

    Edit: Rattler is 540 g/l glyphosate
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  4. Badshot

    Badshot Member

    I wasn't very impressed with kyleo this spring, the volunteer beans took absolutely ages to half die.
  5. Brisel

    Brisel Member

    I had similar troubles with big spear thistles sprayed in early March. It was just too cold for the 2,4 D to work properly IMO.
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