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Rtx Rangepoint drilling pictures

Discussion in 'Precision Farming & GPS' started by Rookie, Nov 15, 2014.

  1. binbusy

    binbusy Member

    South Suffolk
    Can anybody tell me there horizontal error on rangepoint rtx please.

    A gfx screen or Tmx will show it. Not sure it can be found on CFX (fm)
  2. Farma Parma

    Farma Parma Member

    mine will follow its A/B line within 0-2cm on a long run no bother on levelish land.
    you can see long tramlines here up n down valleys in the field esp from the roadside & its arrow straight.
    but its just getting it right from the ends that ive had the odd issue, then the bugger drifting away by 1/2 meter but not always
    if you park up at the end for too long or go for seed & dont return within 10mins sort of time.
    but overall i can live with that its easy enuff to remark it.
    id always keep my drill markers anyways.
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  3. Farma Parma

    Farma Parma Member

    on my GFX-750 all that is builtin to the NAV-900 Roof Antenna.
    it cert holds the tractor & drill onto sown ground on a slope v well
  4. binbusy

    binbusy Member

    South Suffolk
    If you have a gfx, press the little heart beat symbol, then under performance youll find a page with two coloured circles with an arrow which moves in them. On that page you will also find ur horizontal error.
    Centerpoint is down to about 2.2cm which can flick to 2.6cm.
    What does rangepoint say out of interest as I think it will be far lower than what it is sold to be?
  5. Rookie

    Rookie Member

    Winter barley just coming through. Drilled on rangepoint with combi drill on plough / press system.

    IMG_20181012_105200479_HDR.jpg IMG_20181012_104935414.jpg
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  6. Robt

    Robt Member

    He means the HRMS error. Its a measurement, well sort of. I think you are thinking of tilt compensation module...
    This is taken from google and may help explain what HRMS means..

    “HRMS refers to Horizontal Root Mean Squared accuracy,1- sigma (68%). Except in conditions where most GNSS signals are affected by trees, or buildings, or other objects.”

    Or it may just confuse. Pheasant is better explaining than me.
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  7. Northern farmer

    Looks good. But it does not tell anything about rangepoint. The same system would do equally straight lines even with EGNOS!

    It would be important to see how overlap between runs behaves and if offset was adjusted at any point (EGNOS would need that quite often, rangepoint less, RTK never). Even overlap variation does not tell everything, part of it comes from the drill wandering, part from the steering accuracy, part from position signal accuracy etc. etc. Straight lines are easy to achieve but driver stress depends on the need to follow the steering performance. None needed with RTK while in the worst case it could be almost as stressful as manual steering. Rangepoint probably reasonable.
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  8. Rookie

    Rookie Member

    I have tried drilling on egnos in the past and gave it up as a bad job as it would not stick on line and weave around more going down the field, so i probably disagree that it would do equally straight lines when drilling etc..
    I agree rangepoint is not going to compete with accuracy like rtk, but for me its what i can justify on my acreage and overall i am happy with the results.
    Usually you can go for long enough without having to nudge / save position, whereas other times it can play up a bit.(probably due to number of satellites maybe?) which is a slight downside but not a major problem. (when you stop to fill drill etc)
    I have also seen very good results from SF1, and probably think it performs better nearer to trees than rangepoint which soon loses it signal which is one negative.
    Overall its a good starting point to get into the world of gps systems at a reasonable price.
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  9. JCfarmer

    JCfarmer Member

    I run a 6m kuhn tine drill on rangepoint with built in steering on a Case Puma. I think the drill can pull the tractor a bit and although straight and accurate enough most of the time it does wiggle a bit which annoys me. Has anyone else had this problem. No press on today just a front weight with aggressiveness set at 70%. What other settings can make a difference?
  10. Turra farmer

    Turra farmer Member

    Our aggressiveness is usually about 114% just enough so that steering isn't constantly wobbling

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