Save the countryside

Old Tup

Jim Smith the Scots agri comedian has a simple solution….
Apparently learnt from his youthful years….
”Liberal application of LYNX result in few sightings of BEAVER”
Good to have it corroborated, I see @egbert responded to my post of the article from National Geographic. It would make a great piece for one of your articles in the WMN …… chance for the other side of the story instead of reading about how wonderful it is from the likes of Chris Jones and Derek Gow.

There’s serious damage, from beavers a bit nearer to home, in Germany.

Rivers were contained in tree lined banks, edging arable and pasture land. They have been undermined by beavers
and the result is a mile wide swamp of stagnant pools, with dead trees.

Brilliant idea to wreck someone else’s property and business on a whim.


Welshpool Powys
Just send @Cab-over Pete round he likes a bit of beaver

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