Sawdust instead of straw for loose yards?


Topped up weekly or when they filled our 7 ton trailer, tipped in during summer to when we don't house cow's, could start winter with up to 18 inches of sawdust, was better when we had shavings and sawdust.


Livestock Farmer
Seen it done on before with ground up wood. Works very very well. So absorbent and sticks to the dung. Stir around with grab once a week or so.
You have to watch where you get it we used to do it but ended up full off bits of glass and plastic in the end so stopped but if you can get it clean it’s a great product


Livestock Farmer
South Molton
Any concerns with spreading this type of fym on grassland
No, it's only as clean as the saw dust and source material itself but provided no nails/glass then you are good to go. Will break down slowly with dung added.

Any material that is breaking down uses nitrogen in that process.
That nitrogen is released longer term but is a short term user of avaliable N.
As @ollie989898 says it will break down but very very slowly due to its density and hardness.

I would avoid as much as possible

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