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Discussion in 'Crime Line' started by Scam chaser, Feb 1, 2019.

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    Dear FARMERS,

    Do not send any money to these " Kitchen Cockroaches" .

    They stole my money, they did not deliver any tractor.

    Beware of these thieves who fool farmers in UK and Europe.
    dsco_321.jpg dsco_322.jpg dsco_322.jpg

    1 Purley Place, London N1 1QA, United Kingdon

    Breton UK Machinery And Services Limited

    Company No.10875041

    +44 2070975325

    VAT ID: GB 277783249

    Registered office address

    4th Floor Fountain Precinct, Leopold Street, Sheffield, S1 2JA

    Company status Liquidation
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  4. Geno

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    Yes Tom you are right they keep coming in on DoneDeal I am sick email them to take it down but it up again today dekter got a good run with them and i see a new one with them now people should beware but they trust DoneDeal to keep those scams off their site especially after it been reported to them Geno
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    Never send money without looking at the item first,doesnt matter how far ,
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    Bring back the cat, I say; preferably a hungry lion or a puma and chuck the barstewards in a cage with them! There must be a way of turning the tables on the scammers?
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    I fell for the same scam back in 2017, I cannot believe that these people number many, so why does the fraud squad not get to grips with the people behind these scams. For them it must be relatively easy. We all know that we were stupid/greedy/gullable but overall the amounts scammed must run into 100's of 1000's by now and I bet its only a small number of people involved.
    I just looked at tractors for sale and up came the website? immediately I thought those look cheap, hence I checked the forum, voila! there everywhere. N
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    After I spent a short time in hospital last year my disabled wife decided that we both needed a well earned break and persuaded me to book a month on the Costa del Sol via a supposedly reputable holiday brokerage company. Despite some growing misgivings on my part we flew out to Spain and arrived well after midnight local time only to discover that there was no accommodation and we had been scammed and well and truly ripped off :(

    It all turned out to be quite an adventure that we could well have done without but we can now look back and laugh about some of the things that took place. Homeward bound at the end of the month we checked into Alicante airport, passed through security problem free and got seated airside. Aaah, home and dry now sweetie said I but the Mrs said don't count your chickens. As we shared and chomped on a stale airport sandwich my mobile bleeped for a text and I was informed that our flight was cancelled due to French air traffic controllers going on strike. The flight was still showing on time on the flight indicator board and none of the airport staff knew that it had been cancelled.

    As we joined the throngs of passengers and staff trying to establish what was happening the wife suffered a Pettit Mal epilepsy attack and airline staff eventually arranged a free taxi to take us to free local hotel accommodation; where we arrived after all food for the day had stopped being served and we were to leave next morning before breakfast. And there was still more problems to come next day but we eventually made it home in one piece and can now look back without anger.

    The fraud department of our bank has helped us to recover some of our financial losses, so we are not totally out of pocket. I bet that you folks have probably been scammed out of far more cash than us and left with no machine. At least we did get a month in the warm Spanish sun! :)

    If you paid by credit card you should be covered by the card insurance and be able get your cash back. If you paid by bank card, although not covered as with a credit card, you my find the fraud department of you bank may well be able to assist you in obtaining some redress.

    Chris :)
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    Do not send money to this Bank account !!! SCAM FRAUD !!!!

    Bank Account Name: AS TRADE LTD

    Iban: GB47HBUK40115680713961

    Bank: HSBC Bank

    Address: 2-4 St Ann's Square , Manchester M2 7HD , UK

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    I Justin Had a Look on Done deal and breton machinary is not on IT but surprise suprise IT is replaced with which is showing the same tractors as Dekter same scam for sure hope nobody gets caught got on to Done deal they Said IT was Google can't figure that one put IT is on their website in the Middle of the tractors for šale Geno
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