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    Hello, can anybody post a link or description of the correct way to check and adjust the brakes on a 4x2 Scania 93 please. (drum brakes, 1993) @Mursal this is your kind of subject!

    Many thanks in advance.
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    Same as any other wagon. Jack the wheel up, adjust slack adjuster till the shoe is starting to bind, slacken back a click or two, depending on preference. Do other side the same, measure travel and balance up. Then stick on rollers to see how they are and how balanced they are. If not, repeat.

    EDIT. Did the three series not have auto slack adjusters or just the late ones and then the four series?
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  3. Checking using wear indicator

    The brake slack adjusters are fitted with a wear indicator. When the brake linings are new, the gauge needle points towards the front of the vehicle (1) and when the linings are worn, it points straight down (2).

    When the gauge needle is in the "7 o'clock position" ("5 o'clock position" on the other side of the vehicle), brake lining measurement must be carried out via the inspection hatch as described below.

    can't get the image to load click here
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    Thank you.

    What about threads on brake chamber rods which are connected to slack adjusters - are these set to a pre set length?

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