Scotland’s farmers will once again be offered a loan scheme to cover their BPS pay

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  1. llamedos

    llamedos New Member

    Oop North ish
  2. Happy

    Happy Member

    Computer still saying No then:rolleyes:
  3. Stuart J

    Stuart J Member

    Surprise surprise.
  4. Dave6170

    Dave6170 Member

    Wick, caithness
    Needs another £10million! Ffs will anyone be held accountable for this?
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  5. Pilgrimmick

    Pilgrimmick Member

    Never managed to figure out how they know how much you are owed, so they can loan you 90% of it, yet are unable tp pay you! They have the cash, as they are paying out loans!
    I think it is just a SNP money laundering process to enable them to use the cash that is not claimed for loans to bolster the otherwise dismal spending crisis!
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  6. Hedge back

    Hedge back New Member

    What an absolute farce , just been offered "the loan" and still not got last year's payment yet .
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  7. glasshouse

    glasshouse Member

    The fig is more like 50% of total.

    90% my
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  8. Half Pipe

    Half Pipe Member

    our loan letter was joined by a letter telling us how much interest the government had paid for the interest on the loan.
    what a joke, it must be costing the country a fortune and still throwing money at the computer system.
    they penalise us for genuine mistakes,
    but seem to be 'rewarding' the company that wrote the computer software
  9. PSQ

    PSQ Member

    Scottish Borders
    Had a letter last week to remind me that I haven't paid back their accidental double payment from June (£600).

    I'm tempted to offer it back to them in the form of a 'loan', while I spend 10 months 'processing the paperwork'.
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  10. DrDunc

    DrDunc Member

    Sack the incompetent civil servants who wrote the contract with the software consultancy firm, and sack the incompetent civil servants who thought they understood what the software was needed to do.

    Yeah, that's going to happen o_O

    At least after the recent hellish weather conditions, the government has realised a speedy payment will help out an awful lot of people struggling with cashflow.
  11. Dave6170

    Dave6170 Member

    Wick, caithness
    I had a double payment. Had to pay back £7700!! Should of offered 80% now and the other 20% feck knows when
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  12. bobajob

    bobajob Member

    Sw Scotland
    Payment made into our bank account this morning by Scotgov. Phew, its needed!
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  13. CollCrofter

    CollCrofter Member

    Mine is in too... and yes, mine is also badly needed!
  14. Y Fan Wen

    Y Fan Wen Member

    N W Snowdonia
    Why is he smiling?
    What has he got to smile about?
  15. capfits

    capfits Member

  16. Dave6170

    Dave6170 Member

    Wick, caithness
    Did u guys that got paid get a letter saying so in your communication log?
  17. CollCrofter

    CollCrofter Member

    Not yet. The only thing I got was the loan letter to sign. I would imagine I'll get a letter within a few days, usually the case
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