Scrap Metal Price


Arable Farmer
Anyone taken any scrap recently?

Took some this afternoon:

Mixed farm scrap (steel) £130/t

Copper tank/pipe £3500/t

Batteries £500/t

How does that compare?


Was told by the fabricators that rent a workshop on the farm that the price of scrap would soon fall, but I can't quite remember the reason.:facepalm:


North east
was thinking of getting shot of some, will think again now it was nearly 2 years ago the last proper clear out we had and got £215 for heavy and £190 for light. if its only at around £130 it can stay in a heap and appreciate in value or ill get the string and sticky tape out and see what I can make.


Mixed Farmer
East Essexshire
Anyone taken anything in recently?
The pikeys aren't nicking scrap at the moment, so I assume the price isn't too special, but I really need to have a clear up of some stuff I've stockpiled.
No point on hanging on if it's just a pile of rust by the time the price goes back up!


Livestock Farmer
A bird in the hand is worth two in the air and all that !

take the money now as when the price goes up it may get 'borrowed in the night' and you will have nothing to show for it , not even a waste transfer note

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