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  1. beltbreaker

    beltbreaker Member

    After toying with the idea for years and been given a kick up the arse by @scholland I am thinking of doing maybe a 5 acre trial with my Duncan Ecoseeder.

    However I am worried it being a 2nd wheat that we might be on a hiding to nothing. Planning latitude treated Grafton, what are the views on DD and a second wheat on a sandy loam. Annual meadow grass can be a pain.

    1st wheat doesn't come into the equation as it's out of tatties or cow/pig muck spread plus Duncan has had a hard year.

    Cheers BB
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  2. bobk

    bobk Member

    Direct drilling is an option , but not always the best . imo
  3. To be honest it all depends on your land.
  4. beltbreaker

    beltbreaker Member

    Go on, it depends in what way?

    Fertile sandy loam out of tatties last year no real compaction would subsoil tramlines.
  5. For me second wheat is hard going. I've got loamy ground but second wheat is never that great
  6. beltbreaker

    beltbreaker Member

    Is that on the whole or DD, have done 4t on a plough based system with Grafton. Does better in a damp year than a dry one.

    Cheers BB
  7. scholland

    scholland Member

    @Will Blackburn

    I've no idea about growing wheat but with the current soil conditions moisture retention must be something to aim for.
    Although I'm sure the guttery season isn't far away!
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  8. Clive

    Clive Staff Member

    I don’t ever grow 2nd wheats - they don’t work well in a no till system imo
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  9. britt

    britt Member

    leics/warks border
    a second wheat is just doing yourself out of a first wheat next year
  10. newjames

    newjames Member

    On decent ground second wheat is fine.
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  11. average farmer

    North Notts
    When drilling with the Claydon ( I know not true direct) but second wheats were the stand out crop yielding just as well as firsts,

    I put it down to all the straw being left on top and not in the rooting zone, straw baled.
  12. Warnesworth

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    Chipping Norton
    In my experience 2nd wheats can be done but I would go with wheat after rape or beans and give yourself a chance of success, rather than moan about a failure on here in 10 months time, possibly ;-)

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